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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Finally... out for some more exploring!

The weekend lockdown was over, and it was a half decent day from a weather perspective. So we were itching to get out and do some exploring. It's all fine and good to get this eyesight thing done, but between that and the lockdowns and the weather, we haven't had a chance to do nearly as much exploring in this area as we wanted to. 

So on Monday morning, we hopped in the car and drove up into the mountains behind Antalya.

We haven't taken many photos for you lately, but the scenery was so fantastic that we kind of went overboard... hope you enjoy!

It didn't take long to get some great views!

The city of Antalya is on the coast, so of course that's about at sea level. We drove up to an area that actually has a ski hill! The Saklikent Ski area sits at 6,700'. It's not operating yet, but a few more rainy days in the city will mean more snow in the mountains. I expect by the end of January, they will be skiing up here.

Hard to believe this is only five minutes away from the ski hill!

And this is the parking lot at the ski hill.

But the ski hill faces the opposite direction...

It looks a little icy.

The lodge at Saklikent Ski area.

We parked and went for a short walk.

Only a short walk... for two reasons. First, while it was a pleasant 18C (65F) in the city, up here at 6,700' it was only 7C (45F)! And there was a bit of a breeze. It was cold!

And second, our eyes are still healing and we are still under doctor's orders to take it easy. Uphill climbing at altitude will have to wait another week or so!

There are a few chalets up there.

Only 50 kms (30 miles) from the city!

As I've said before, Antalya is one of those cities where you can ski in the morning, and lie on the beach in the afternoon!

Ruth, enjoying the views.

We would have loved to have gone for a hike!

Remember, you can click on the photo itself to view it full screen.

They don't believe in guard rails here.

Stopped to enjoy another view.

Looking down into the valley.

And then we took the main highway back to the city.

Here's the drive we did...

Made it home and relaxed for an hour before heading across town to our eye doctor appointment. 

We will give you a full update on that tomorrow!


And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. It really was beautiful scenery! We can't wait to come back in the motorhome. :-)

  2. Beautiful, looks a lot like BC. I can relate to taking so many pictures because the views are spectacular, I have the same problem here when sightseeing, lol

    1. At times, it certainly could be British Columbia! We really love the mountains in both places. :-)

  3. I never thought of travelling through Mexico or Turkey, now I do! Thanks for sharing!

    1. We are so glad that we have now made you think about it! We always love to open up people's eyes to other destinations. Often you don't see pictures of countries other than just the real touristy areas, we like to show people that there is so much more. :-)

  4. Very pretty! Glad you two got out for a drive.

    1. It was a beautiful drive and we were happy to get out for a drive too! :-)


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