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Friday, January 8, 2021

Beach walk - Antalya

We had planned on driving about an hour and a half south to Mount Chimaera, but we were late getting going, and it was market day so we had to get some fruits and veggies at some point. We decided to put off the Mount Chimarea visit and go do our groceries and then just go down to the big beach here in Antalya and go for a walk.

Besides, it was a hazy day, so there likely wouldn't have been much scenery to admire at Mount Chimaera. It was pleasant though, and it got warmer than they had forecast.

Just a few photos of our beach walk...

And actually, we didn't end up walking on the beach. It's all small pebbles and it's not that easy to walk on. They have a nice wide walking path though...

Cycling and walking path.

Lots of people out enjoying the day.

We decided to head over and get a view off that ridge.

Konyaalti Beach in Antalya.
Too bad about the haze... there are some beautiful mountains in the background!

Old streetcar still in use.

The cliffs.

It actually warmed up to about 24C (75F), and there was no wind to speak of so it was quite warm. We ended up doing about 6.5 kms (4.0 miles).

Ruth made a delicious chicken pasta dish for dinner.

Today we are getting an earlier start!

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And in Canada...

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  1. I really am loving your tour of Turkey. It has certainly moved up our list of places to visit. Thanks!

    1. We are glad you are enjoying our posts on Turkey and even happier to hear that it is a country that has moved up higher on our list of places to visit. We definitely think it is worth the visit, especially if you can get to the off the beaten path places rather than all the touristy ones. :-)

  2. Awesome Trip. I ran across this and thought you might, possibly be interested FlyLycia Paragliding
    Andifli, İlkokul Sk. No:4, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Turkey
    Phone: +90 242 836 25 81

    1. Thanks Garth! We have actually seen lots of places down along the coast and even when we were at Pamukkale that do paragliding. We are giving it a miss for this trip but thanks for thinking of us!

      We are glad that you are enjoying our posts on Turkey! :-)

  3. Could you show us what the fruit and veg markets look like? I'm curious...

    So glad, by the way, that your eye operations have been a success.

    1. We will try to remember the next time we go. The one we go to is a weekly market, so it only runs on Thursdays. We have posted other pictures of markets here in Turkey though, and they are very similar. Some are bigger than others mind you. Here is one of our posts that shows one of the markets that we went to.

      We are happy that the eye surgery went well too and so far we are happy with the results, looking forward to our eyes improving even more though. :-)

  4. A beach with pebbles and cliffs instead of sand - neat oh!!

    1. Just a little different then your Delaware beaches! :-)

  5. They sure know how to ensure there are enough spaces to walk and cycle on and do other outdoor activities. I bet most Turkish are fit?

    1. It was a very enjoyable day trip and both of the waterfalls were lovely to look at and wander around. Yes, this would be perfect for both you and Paul.

      We are so enjoying the fact that we don't have to wear glasses. :-)


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