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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Two years without a car

It has now been two full years since we sold the little blue car. At first, it was odd not to own a car. But with our nomadic lifestyle, it was difficult to work out the logistics of where to store it when we are not in Canada, and of course there was still repair and maintenance and insurance costs to worry about.

Normally, I am pretty good at finding a reasonably priced car rental deal for our time in Canada. This time, nothing great ever came along... sometimes the deals just don't exist!

The best I could do was $782 CAD ($589 USD) taxes included for a full month. Sounds pricey for a little car, but at $26 CAD ($19.60 USD) per day it's really not that bad. And like I said, there was nothing better.

But, we're still better off not owning a car. We rent when we need to, and we always get to drive a nice new vehicle. And, we don't need to worry about repairs, shipping, insurance, or depreciation.

I just came back from Morrisburg, Ontario where I visited an old friend. It was a two hour drive each way and the little rental car got 4.7 L/100 kms (50 mpg) on the highway!

It was a beautiful afternoon. so yesterday after lunch we went and picked up Ruth's dad and took him for a walk at Robert Simpson Park in Arnprior. It's located right on the Ottawa River and it's a nice scenic location.

The beach.

Ruth and her dad.

Looking across to the province of Quebec.

The marina.

We got back to the house around 4:00pm and were surprised to find that there was no power! Apparently the electricity had been off for an hour or so because of a line problem and it wasn't expected back on until 6:00pm.

We had our son Alex, his girlfriend CJ, and Ruth's nephew Matthew coming over for dinner, but we were only planning on hamburgers, corn, and salad and we could do everything on the BBQ, so that worked out fine. We fired up some old kerosene lanterns and some candles and we were fine. 

Dinner is ready!

The power didn't come back until 7:30pm.

We played cards until 10:30pm or so... lots of fun learning some new games from Alex and CJ.

Today, we are headed into Ottawa. 

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And in Canada...


  1. Just had some Boondockers from Boondockers welcome from Quebec, Canada- Lovely, lovely people that sold it all to travel the US for 2 years. Soon they will Caravan to New Mexico and into Mexico with a group, much like your group that will Caravan. So envious for both your life styles and counting down the few years I have left to 9-5 it until I can start my epic journey..

    1. We are glad that your Boondocker guests are out there enjoying the full-time lifestyle and even adventurous enough to head down to Mexico for the winter. We hope you don't have too many more years before you are able to get out there and enjoy this lifestyle too, it is definitely very freeing. :-)


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