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Friday, September 20, 2019

No, we won't be doing any Galapagos cruises!

I spent far too much time yesterday on the internet doing Galapagos research. I read a lot of blog posts from people who have been there, and I researched prices and activities.

Many people say that you must do a Galapagos cruise in order to properly experience the islands. I don't think this is necessarily true. Plus, Galapagos cruises are ridiculously expensive.

There are a lot of cruise options available. But, even the cheapest last minute cruise will cost minimum $200 USD per day per person. The more likely figure is closer to $250 USD per day per person. The average that people seem to pay is around $350 USD per day per person although you can easily spend much more. You can get Galapagos cruises for anywhere between 4 to 14 days.

No, we won't be doing any Galapagos cruises.

We can easily find suitable accommodation on any of the 3 inhabited islands for well under $40 USD per day for the two of us!

And, we can do day trips that I know we would be happy with for under $150 USD each.

Sure, we still have to pay for food, but we will do fine in that category too. We always do.

So, we will be doing a land based tour of Galapagos, and likely take 3 different day trips to other islands. We plan to be there for 8 nights in total.

As the plans come together, of course we will update you here!

I took the repaired camera with us on our power walk yesterday morning. It seems to work perfectly so far!

The trees are starting to change color!

The "macro" setting works fine!

Railway bridge over the Canadian Mississippi River.

Zoom works fine. This turtle was really far away!

There are a couple of nice RV boondocking spots along this road.
Too bad the train bridge isn't very RV friendly!

We're headed to our daughter's place this afternoon and looking after the grandkids this evening to give their mom and dad a night out.

DampRid Moisture Absorber is at a record low price for the 2 Pack.

And in Canada...

Nice price drop on the Black and Decker Rechargeable Chainsaw


  1. When granddaughter Abby was about three I pointed out a crawling caterpillar to her, she looked at it, stomped it with her little foot and said "DEAD!" Was I surprised? You bet! Kids are funny.

    1. Too funny! Our grandchildren are totally different, they want to pick the caterpillar up and take it home and keep it so they can watch it make a cocoon and then hopefully come out as a butterfly or moth.

  2. I am so interested to see how you do Galapagos. Please ensure those posts have tons of detail - because loads of people will be googling "Galapagos on your own" and your post will come up down the road :) That camera is a really good investment, takes such good pictures.

    1. No worries we will do just that. :-) It seems that most people that go to the Galapagos Islands do it on a cruise so there certainly hasn't been as much information available from those that do the trip more land based.

      We are so looking forward to capturing some fantastic photos while we are in the Galapagos Islands. :-)

  3. You just gotta air down the RV tires to squeeze under that railroad bridge, then all the boondocking sites are yours!

    1. It would just be easier to go in from the other direction! :-) It will be a little further to travel though.

  4. Your camera takes nice pictures!You would regret not having a great camera in the Galapagos!
    I'm looking forward to your land based trip report. It would be my preference to do it that way, by far. We felt sorry for all the cattle off the cruise ships being herded around Alaska this summer ��

    1. Kevin thinks it is working even better than it did before! :-) We always found that it didn't take good videos if you zoomed in, it just did seem to focus properly but today Kevin mentioned that he didn't seem to have an issue it that. We are so looking forward to getting some great photos when we are in Ecuador.

      We are looking forward to the challenge, of seeing as much as we can and still keep our expenses down doing a land based visit opposed to the a cruise. Time will tell. :-)

  5. Hurray for getting back a better working camera! Looking forward to your blog on the Galapagos and awesome photos! Safe travels friends!

    1. Kevin is so happy to have our camera back and having it working even better than before. Look out Galapagos!!! :-)

  6. I find people say "you must do the Galapagos" which I'm inclined to agree with if you have the time and money but so few people realise that you don't have to go on a cruise to see and do things there. Yes it enhances the experience but our favourite island you can visit on a day trip anyway. Looking forward to reading about your experiences, I'd certainly suggest you take snorkels and goggles with you though.

    1. We are definitely finding this out through our research. I think because the majority of people who go to visit the Galapagos Islands do a cruise that most other people looking into it think that is the only way to do it. I hope that we can prove them wrong and that doing it by "land" is just as good if not better at times.

      Unfortunately we don't have snorkels and goggles with us, they are back in Sherman but I am sure that we can rent some or even buy some for the time we are there.


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