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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Making some progress

Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions regarding what to do with our Nikon camera situation.

For now, we have decided to allow the new camera to be delivered. We have 30 days that we can send it back if we choose to, plus it gives us some time to test the repaired one to make sure that it is working properly. Hopefully the repaired one will show up towards the end of this week. I have read that the Nikon Service Center is fairly efficient, so I guess we will see.

We are making some progress in Ruth's father's house. Slowly, but at least if we get a little bit done in each visit, there won't be nearly as much work to do all at once when the time does come to sell it.

Ruth's dad was an avid woodworker. He has a big shop up at the back, full of tools and equipment. And in the basement of the house, he had his woodshop magazine collection! They were kind of scattered everywhere and not organized at all.

So I brought them all upstairs and Ruth sorted through them and put them all in boxes according to title and date.

Yikes. There are probably 800 magazines.

Some of them date back to the 1970's, but most of them are 1990 to 2014. 

The problem is, that they are likely not worth anything. I will try putting them on and see what kind of response there is. In fact, they are probably not worth the three hours Ruth spent sorting them!

I also put his treadmill on kijiji, and to my surprise it sold the same day. I think we just got lucky, but we'll take it. Everybody and their neighbor seems to have a "hardly used" treadmill sitting in their basement, and there are a lot of them advertised. I priced it at the low end of the scale, just to get it out of here.

And, his "hardly used" laptop. It was a top of the line unit back in 2008 when he bought it, but of course now it's just a boat anchor. We'll be lucky to get $80 for it.

While Ruth was sorting magazines, I was cleaning the basement. Something that hasn't been done in years. Throwing out obvious trash, and setting aside things that might be worth something to someone.

Yesterday, Lindsey and the kids came over for dinner, along with Ruth's nephew Matthew.

Cameron and Sadie. 
They are always looking for some kind of bug or insect!

Cameron, playing pool.

Lindsey, teaching Sadie.

Someday, the pool table will have to be sold too. But that can wait for another visit! Next job is to get rid of his car. It hasn't been driven in about two years, and it won't pass a safety anymore. I have to take the snow tires off and sell them separately. But I'll wait until the beginning of October to advertise them.

Looks like a nice start to the day... gotta get out and get our 5 km (3 mile) walk in.


And in Canada...


  1. I hear facebook marketplace is suppose to be pretty good if you don't have any luck on Kijiji.

    1. Thanks Janis, that is a good idea too, we actually forgot about it. :-)


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