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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

August Expenses

Considering all the travel we did, it was not a bad month.

We spent a total of $4,310 CAD ($3,223 USD) during the month of August, however we also recorded a profit of $2,345 ($1,754 USD) on the sale of our Australian RV, bringing our net expenses down to $1,965 ($1,470 USD) for the month.

Here is how it all broke down...

(note that that following prices are in $CAD. For $USD equivalent, subtract about 25%)

Gasoline: We had the Australian RV for the first part of the month, and then a rental car in Hawaii for a few days, and a rental car in Saskatchewan for a few days. In total between the two of them we spent $200 on fuel.

Propane: We filled the tanks on the Australian RV for $32.

Groceries: Once again, we are surprised by our relatively small grocery bill. Admittedly, we spent the last two days of the month at Red Pine Camp, and we had a few airplane meals, but considering our month was spent in Australia, Hawaii, and Canada we thought the final total on groceries would have been more than $455.

Alcohol: A little higher than average, at $220. Not great, but there have been higher months in the past.

Miscellaneous: Not bad, at $119. A little deceiving because we recorded a credit in this department of $82. Remember when we bought Ruth a new laptop back in July? Well we did receive a Goods and Services Tax credit of $63 at the airport when we left Australia, and we managed to sell her old laptop to a computer repair place for $19 cash.

Entertainment: We were doing fine in this category until we went out for a granddaughter's birthday and spent $120. Oh well... at least we were entertained! Total of $230 for the month.

Overnight: This was the kicker. Sydney was pricey at $309, and so was Hawaii at $223. Then, we spent the 30th and 31st at Red Pine Camp with the grandkids, at $300 per night. With a camping night in the Australia RV, and an overnight in Saskatoon, the total came to $1,204.

Travel: Flight from Sydney to Honolulu was $550 for the two of us, and Honolulu to Saskatoon was $624 for the two of us, then Saskatoon to Ottawa was $492 for the two of us. Our car rental in Honolulu was $165 for three days and in Saskatchewan was $71 for three days. Total of $1,901 for the month.

So, a bit of an expensive month, made much better by the profit from the sale of the camper in Australia.

September should be a bit better, but still on the high side mostly due to a rental car that we will have here in Ottawa for the whole month.

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  1. But I can only leave comments when using my laptop not my iPad or iPhone!
    The header photo with Cameron and Sadie at Red Pine Camp is so neat!

    1. Yeah, it seems a little weird but we have heard from others that have had the same issue. You know that if you can't comment on the blog itself you can always comment on the post that Kevin puts up on facebook each day. :-)

  2. Red Pine camp is 300 a night? But camping with the grands is worth it all.

    1. Yep, $300 a night but that is for two adults and two children and the price of the children goes by their age, so Cameron costs slightly more that Sadie. You also have to remember that that price includes our cabin (no bathroom facilities or bedding in the cabins), all of our meals, programs in the morning for the children and use of all the equipment for the various activities that they have. Plus there is no cooking or clean up for any of us to do! :-)

      Yes, it was worth every penny for the great weekend that we had with the grandchildren.

  3. Man! You really know how to get cheap air fares Kevin! I’m envious! Hahaha.

    1. Kevin definitely knows how to find the good prices, it also helps to be patient and flexible with your flights, your dates and your destination. :-)