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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Totem poles near Kitwanga, British Columbia

We had a nice drive yesterday from Stewart to Kitwanga, British Columbia. And the weather was perfect. We didn't leave Stewart until almost noon. I tried cleaning the idle air control valve on the throttle body to fix Sherman's high idle problem, but as I expected it didn't change anything.

It may need a new one, or it could be something else entirely. We'll get it checked when we get to Smithers.

We went to pick up a couple of grocery items. There are two small grocery stores, one with a sign saying something like "cut rate prices"

But they lie.

Ended up getting a dozen eggs for $4 and two liters of milk for $4. The rest can wait until Smithers.

Yesterday's drive...

213 kms (132 miles).

Gorgeous scenery in this area.

There was a fast flowing glacier fed river beside the road at this point. 
It has steam coming off it.

Scenery along the way.



Road construction.

Because they are replacing this old single lane bridge!

It's a long way down over that old bridge!

More scenery.

Totem poles in the Indian village of Gitanyow.

Pretty detailed stuff!

Some of these poles have been here since 1905.

More scenery. 

View of the Seven Sisters mountain range near Kitwanga.

Made it to Kitwanga where they have a free municipal campground. Probably 10 or so campsites spaced randomly in the trees. Pretty tight access for anything bigger than Sherman because the road in winds it's way through the trees, but there were only two or three tent campers there when we arrived, so managed to back into a little field and get ourselves set up with a little bit of work to get leveled.

Another motorhome later pulled in on one side of us, and a van camper on the other. Fortunately, nobody ran a generator.

Sherman, at GPS 55.112965, -128.022972

The popular Zinus Ultra 8" Memory Foam RV Mattress is at a record low price. If you still have your original stock mattress, you will want one of these!

And in Canada...


  1. Bill wants to go to Alaska next summer. Last time we were there was in 2004. Anything to get out of the Las Vegas heat next summer.

    1. Sounds like it is about time then for a return visit. I hope you take your time going through the Yukon. A lot of people just fly through it and miss a lot of the wonderful places and scenery that the Yukon has to offer.

  2. Golden eggs? I bought eggs yesterday here in Mexico and paid $1.10 and I thought that was high. Yikes!

    1. Yeah, you would think that they were golden eggs at at that price wouldn't you, but nope they aren't, they are just regular eggs!!! :-(

  3. Kevin,
    Make sure the throttle linkage on the TBI unit is returning to the TBI stop or you can have that problem. Since you've been in the mud it might be hanging up. It has to return to idle to open the idle switch or it will roam. If you don't hit the stop hard the idle switch won't open and tell your computer your at idle.
    Good luck,

  4. I could be wrong and it may be that the idle switch closes instead of open, but the result is the same.

  5. Sometimes prices in remote places you don't have much choice, nice that you can keep moving to another place on down the road and enjoy even more.

    1. We know, but it is still a ridiculous price. The Stewart area would be a beautiful place to live but we couldn't afford to live there at those prices!

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, the scenery has been fantastic on this whole trip! :-)

  7. Lovely pictures of your drive great scenery. Totem poles look awesome as well. Enjoy your evening.

    1. Thank you Brigitte, it was a beautiful drive with more wonderful scenery! :-)


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