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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Another great free campsite!

Said goodbye to my Uncle Dave and Aunt Melissa, and hope to see them again somewhere in the world! They were talking about going to Newfoundland and renting an RV, so maybe they'll do that while we are there next summer. That would be fun.

We took off on the Yellowhead Highway #16, heading southeast towards Jasper National Park.

Here is yesterday's drive...

162 kms (100 miles).

Along the way, we stopped at the Ancient Forest. The old Western Red Cedar trees in this forest were only discovered in 2005 when the area was scheduled for logging. It's now a Provincial Park day use area.

Some of these trees are over 1,000 years old.

It's a beautiful forest!

The ground cover around these roots has been worn away by people going up to the tree to get photos of themselves, so they have fenced it off.

When a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody around, does it make a noise?
I bet this one did!

The Arms of a Giant.
You'll have to click the photo to make it full screen so you can read the plaque.

Can you see Ruth's head at the bottom left of the big tree?

We continued on to the Lasalle Recreation Area. It's a local park that I had read only has 4 or 5 campsites, and we thought they might all be occupied. After all, they are free! When we got there, it's a narrow road and fairly steep down to the lake. So Ruth stayed with Sherman up by the highway and I walked down first. 

When I got to the campsites, there were three empty sites, but only one of which would be suitable for Sherman. I walked back up the hill and got Ruth and Sherman. As I was pulling down the narrow road, a minivan also pulled off the highway, and I motioned for him to go first which he did.

Then I thought.... what if he takes my spot!?

And sure enough, we got to the bottom, and he was parked in the spot that I had scoped out.

I got out and explained that I had just finished walking down, and that he would easily fit into one of the other sites, whereas we would not. He moved, but didn't look real happy about it. Oh well!

Sherman, parked at GPS 53.523513, -120.679987

Had to do a bit of work to get Sherman level!

There were three other rigs here already. A big class A motorhome with a fantastic site right by the water, a pickup truck camper, and a big German unimog style vehicle. We walked down a side road to find that there were another dozen or so campsites down that way! So it turned out there was lots of room for us, although it had pretty much filled up by dusk.

What a beautiful spot!
Notice that it was not very smokey in this area yesterday.

We have never seen so many tadpoles!

Some of them are turning into tiny frogs already.

The campground at dusk.

We're going to take the kayak out for spin this morning before we leave here!

Nice price drop on the Heininger Portable Propane Firepit...

And in Canada...

A great deal on the Brother Wireless Printer


  1. Gah! Those trees are huge! And, a tree falling would definitely make a lot of noise yet, if nobody is around to hear it, it wouldn't make a sound. (had to, sorry)

    1. They are huge but not nearly as big as the trees in Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island or the big redwoods in northern California which we hope to see this fall.

      That is the age old question/answer! ;-)

  2. So great that they ended up orotested in a Park. We have so few of those Gentle Giants left.
    Wish we didn’t have such a smoky province right now, creates a veil on the beauty!

    1. Yes, it is so nice to see that they were able to protect these beautiful beasts. They have done a really nice job in the park and much of it seems do have been done on a volunteer basis too!

      We sure wish this smoke would clear as well. Really smoky this morning. :-( Hopefully British Columbia will get some of the rain that they are forecasting for the weekend and into next week, or at least some of the worst hit areas will.

  3. All those tadpoles! Can you imagine the racket they will create next spring?? But if nobody is there to hear it… Beautiful camping spot!

    1. We have never seen that many tadpoles in our lives. They were already turning into frogs but all the frogs were really tiny!

      I guess that is a question that will never be answered sorta like "which came first the chicken or the egg" ;-)

  4. We lived in McBride for 3 years in the 90’s with our 4 kids. We loved the community there and all the activities we could do together. I rode my horse through many of those hills, took part in good old fashioned cattle drives and had many close encounters with wild life. Glad you were able to enjoy the area.

    1. Yep, it is a nice friendly community with lots of outdoor activities right at your back door. We really wish that the smoke didn't cover up all the beautiful mountains and scenery as we went through the area. I guess this just means that we will have to come back again some time and give ourselves more time to explore the area and do some fun hiking.

  5. What a sweet campsite by the lake and tadpoles...I bet when they get older they will keep the skeeter population down...

    1. It was a nice campsite and it is a shame because Kevin forgot to post about our kayak ride on the lake the next morning because we took the pictures on our other waterproof camera and he had forgotten all about them. :-(

  6. P.S. It always bugs me when I pull into a campground and the only pull-thru is taken by a single vehicle; many times they are just stopping for lunch...
    Oh well....

    1. Yep, and we see that quite often or a tent in a nice large RV sized site!


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