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Monday, August 6, 2018

Goodbye Yukon!

Wow... that was a great trip to Canada's north, wasn't it?

It was on June 5th that we arrived in the Yukon, and we crossed the border heading south into British Columbia yesterday, on August 5th. So while we figured we would be approximately two months in the north, we didn't plan it to be exactly two months!

We had been traveling fairly slowly, but we needed to start putting some miles on. We need to be in Fairmont Hot Springs for a family reunion on August 24th.

So yesterday, we drove 327 kms (203 miles).

Yesterday's drive. 
The blue dot is where we are right now!

We had mostly overcast skies yesterday, so the pics are a little dull...

Crossing the Teslin bridge.

Yukon scenery.

Sorry for the dirty windshield. Darn bugs!

Interesting clouds.

Scenery along the way.

Hello beautiful British Columbia!

Forest fire remains.

We pulled into a rest stop and simply decided to stay put. Some rest stops have "No Camping or Overnight Parking" signs, but this particular one did not. As the evening wore on, we ended up with two neighbours! A class C motorhome pulled in, as well as a travel trailer, and fortunately neither of them parked too close. 

Sherman, at GPS 59.447842, -129.218036.

And today, we have driven into an area having problems with forest fires.. more on that tomorrow!

Netgear's Arlo Pro Security Cam systems are on sale today...

And in Canada...


  1. Welcome to beautiful BC, where everything is tinder dry and many fires are burning. Smokey skies here on the Island, apparently the is a fire near Nanaimo...

    1. Thank Peter, we are looking forward to exploring British Columbia, even though we have both been here before, we really have only seen a small portion of it. Yes, it seems very dry here as well with lots of fires around the area. :-(

      We hope the one burning in Nanaimo isn't too close to you and your new house.

  2. Welcome home from the north...awesome scenery as usual. Comment from Peter Kouwenhoven shows fire near Nanaimo...we traveled through there last fall. Canada is such beautiful country. Too bad about fires...seems that's all we see anymore. NW USA is on fire again this year. It's so sad to see. Safe travels. Where in the heck did you spend the night?

    1. Yep lots of fires all around, it is such a shame to see all these beautiful forests burning. :-(

      Kevin mentioned in the blog that we spent the night at a rest stop, even included the GPS coordinates and a picture in the post.

  3. I can't believe it has been two months. What a trip!

    1. We can't believe it was two months either! We really had a great time. Now we are looking forward to exploring more of British Columbia, another gorgeous place in Canada. :-)

  4. Welcome to our beautiful province!! Hope to meet up while you are here. Keep in touch.

    1. Thank you Doug and Nancy, we are looking forward to some great adventures in your beautiful province. Can't wait to see you guys sometime in September, we will definitely get in touch with you. :-)

  5. That was a great two months:) Wild fires are pretty scary, so be careful.

    1. It was a fantastic two months! :-)

      We are keeping a close eye on the fires, there are quite a few out there. Hopefully we won't run into anymore.

  6. Really enjoyed hearing both of you on the radio. It brought back lots of great memories from last winter. Also enjoying your Yukon and BC tour. Hope you see lots of bears in Hyder.

    Jim T.

    1. Hi there Jim! Glad that you enjoyed our interview and our trip north. We have been having a great time. No luck with the bears in Hyder, we went to the salmon/bear viewing deck three different times yesterday and there were no bears all day. There was a wolf for a bit in the morning but it was just before we arrived but that was it other than bald eagles and a few of other feathered friends. We did see a bear this morning as we drove back to the town of Hyder though.


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