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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Out with the old, and in with the new...

We knew that Sherman's new tires wouldn't all be delivered to the tire shop until close to noon, so we headed out early to the Twin Falls Recreation area near Smithers. We had read that it was just a short hike to the falls, but we wanted to do a little more than that so we parked where the paved road ended and walked the 2 kms (1.3 miles) each way on the gravel road to the trailhead.

It was another beautiful blue sky day!

Walking the gravel road to Twin Falls.

The left side of Twin Falls has lots of water flowing.

The right side is down to a dribble.

We could have got a little closer, but the trail was a bit steep!

I think they have had avalanche problems right here lately!

We drove back to the Kal Tire store to see if the last two tires had arrived. But only four of them were there! Not good news. They said the other two should  arrive on Thursday as they had originally said would be "at the latest".

So, we have no choice but to hang around here yet another day.

We found a place to park near the visitors center with their free wifi. Then after lunch we walked down to the bike store to pick up Ruth's new (used) bike!

Smithers is a pretty town.

Ruth, with her new bike!

You know you're in a bike friendly town when they have bicycle tire pumps around town.

Museum and Art Gallery.

Out with the old.

And in with the new!

Nice price drop on this RV Tire Pressure Gauge

And in Canada...


  1. Those fenders and that front suspension will surely makes it an excellent bike for exploration. Keeps ya clean when going over water, and takes some of the bone jarring away when riding in the ruff stuff. Though the days when I could ride with those skinny racing seats are long since gone for this old grey beard!

    1. I love that it has the front suspension, that was one of the things that I was looking for in a "new" to me bike. The fenders were just an added bonus and I am quite happy to have them. We didn't buy them extra, they were actually put on by the last owner. The bicycle seat was the one worry I had though because I thought the same thing, it looks a little hard but I am willing to give it a try first and see how it goes, good thing I have a little padding on my backside! ;-)

  2. Beautiful Scenery!
    Having all new Shoes on Sherman is a good reason for hanging around for another day.
    Looks like Ruth will enjoy her new Bike especially with the Fenders and Disc Brakes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Smithers is in such a wonderful location with mountains almost all around and some fantastic hikes, unfortunately we don't have the time to check them out. We will have to make another visit to British Columbia and just spend the summer exploring this fantastic and beautiful province.

      We have had a little issue with Sherman's tires but that will be in today's post.

      I have never had such a nice bike in all my life, I am really going to love riding around on this one! :-)

  3. The sky is blue in Smithers...nice, you're escaping the wild fire smoke. Most of southern BC is in a haze. Nice bike

    1. It was nice and blue that day but yesterday (the day after) it was hazy with smoke from nearby fires and it only got worse as we drove towards Burns Lake. :-(

  4. If you're heading in that direction, I highly recommend a stop in Wells Gray Provincial park! There are many great hikes/bike rides and almost all of the end at beautiful waterfalls.

    1. Wow, that looks like a gorgeous park but we unfortunately don't have the time to make a side trip into it. We are stopping to meet a few of Kevin's relatives in the area and then we have to make our way to Fairmont Hot Springs in a week's time. There is just too much to see in British Columbia, I can see us coming back here and spending the summer just traveling around this province and exploring all these wonderful out of the way places.

  5. Seeing you get your bike brings back a lot of childhood memories when I got my first adult-size bike without training wheels. Mine had a basket in which I could throw my school books and lunch and then peddle my bike to school during blue-sky weather. I guided the bike with one hand and held down my dress with the other hand; we were not allowed to wear jeans or slacks to school in the 50s and 60s. When you and Kevin bike some country roads, maybe he will take some pictures of you riding your new bike.

    1. Glad that we could rekindle some nice old memories for you.

      No worries, I am sure when we are out biking on the trails Kevin will get a picture or two of me on my new bike. :-)

  6. Wish more towns had bike pumps scattered around. Great idea!

    1. Yep, we thought that was a pretty cool idea too, that and lots of bike paths. :-)

  7. Love the new bike! What did you do with the old one? Hope Kevin can find a new bike soon too!

    1. So do I but I haven't used it yet. Kevin either needs to find a new to him bike or fix his flat tire once again so that we can go out for a ride together.

      There is a man in the town of Smithers that takes old used bikes and fixes them up or uses them for parts to fix up other used bikes and then sells them to people really cheap. We actually went to his place to see if he had any that would suit our needs but he wasn't there. When we bought this bike we took my old one over there and left it in his shop for him to either fix up or to use as parts. :-)


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