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Saturday, June 2, 2018

May Expenses

Not a bad month considering we flew to Ottawa and back, and we rented a car for a week. But, we also spent two full weeks working at the park, and we hardly left the park during that time so we didn't really have much opportunity to spend any money.

In total, we spent $1,591 CAD ($1,250 USD) for the month. Here's how it all broke down...

Note: The following figures are in Canadian dollars. For U.S. dollar equivalent, you can subtract about 25%...

Gasoline: We only spent $322 on gasoline, and $250 of that was for the motorhome. I know it seems like we drove an awfully long distance on $250, but Sherman's tank was more than 3/4 to start the month, and we ended the month pretty much empty. The other $72 was gas for the rental car while we were in Ottawa. June will be much higher in this category as we have to buy expensive gas to get us up to the Arctic Ocean!

Propane: We filled the propane tank in Grande Prairie and it cost $32. This should last us well in to July.

Grocery: We spent $467 on groceries, and this included doing some stocking up for our northern trip, so we did pretty well in this category. How will June play out? It will be interesting to see how expensive groceries are for our Yukon trip!

Alcohol: We splurged and bought an overpriced box of Canadian wine at $36.

Miscellaneous: We were doing pretty well until we had to buy $50 worth of bear spray! Boy, they don't give that stuff away. We also spent $39 on cellular internet, $40 on stuff at Body Shop, $20 for a new baseball cap for myself, and a few minor items that all add up. Total of $211.

Entertainment: Not bad, at $133. This included dinner out for the two of us at a cheap Pho Vietnamese place in Ottawa, breakfast for three when we took Ruth's dad to the maple syrup place, and an evening out with a buddy of mine.

Overnight: We spent a whole $5 on camping fees for the month!

Motorhome: We spent $95 on some minor repair items for the motorhome, including an oil and filter change.

Travel: $154 on airfare for the two of us round trip Saskatoon to Ottawa, and $135 for a one week car rental.

So, not a bad month all things considered. June should be slightly higher, mostly because of gasoline expenses.


  1. I am still always amazed at how well you do with your budget. Once in a blue moon you have to cave to the expensive Canadian liquor prices lol.

    1. We always try hard to get our money's worth and still have a great time. Yes, every once it a while we have to break down a buy some expensive booze but it won't happen often.

  2. I'm impressed! This really does make the point that life in a motorhome doesn't have to cost a fortune. How big was the box of wine? We've occasionally seen 10 litre boxes; I can't imagine that a standard 3 litre box could a) cost 36 Canadian dollars? or b) possibly last anyone a month? Jo (in the UK)

    1. It was a 4 litre box. We'll be lucky to squeeze a week out of it!

  3. Replies
    1. It's about the only way we can afford to drink wine! ;-)


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