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Monday, June 18, 2018

How to reach the top places to watch the sunset in Sydney

Sydney is an incredible city to visit but, besides all its history and its cultural highlights, while exploring it you should totally save some time to marvel at the beautiful breathtaking Sydney sunset which is becoming quite a big deal lately! If you are passionate about natural enchanting scenarios and you definitely don’t want to miss this show, this is the right guide to know how to reach the best 5 places to watch the sunset in Sydney. So let’s begin!

Hiring a car to get there in time!
When it comes to spot uniqueness you have to go off the touristic paths. This is the reason why you should hire a car becoming free and independent while exploring and being able to reach the desired spot right in time. Sunset is a matter of seconds and you can easily miss it if you are not ready to go! A car rental is the perfect tool to get started and to explore and live things in a brand new way.

Which are the best 5 places to watch the sunset in Sydney?

Balls Head Reserve – Waverton
This spot is absolutely amazing and would give you a unique perspective of the city from above. Plus, the colors come with beautiful shades and this spot is so peaceful and relaxing.

Jeffrey St Wharf – Kirribilli

Marveling at the Harbour Bridge at sunset is a wonderful experience. The view is astonishing and different from everything you have seen so far!

Mrs Macquarie's Chair - Botanic Gardens

If you want to admire Sydney’s highlights at sunset this is definitely the right spot you should go for it!

Bondi Beach

An absolute must-see at every hour of the day at sunset the most famous beach of the coast is just to die for. Pure bliss!

Manly Cove

This is the hot spot for locals to just chill and grab something to eat or drink at sunset while admiring a one-of-a-kind scenario. You should totally add it to your bucket list!

How to get there in time 

First of all you should create a great itinerary for your day considering the right amount of time you would need to get to your favorite place to watch the sunset in Sydney. This is the reason why you should consider at least one hour before the sunset as a max time where you should stop exploring the city or stop doing what you are doing and start getting there. Remember sunset is a matter of seconds!
Find your best ride to get there with a car

You can have it all by using a comparative website such as to hire a car in a complete stress-free and convenient way. Having a car will make everything easier and you will save time, getting there right in time and with no need to rush and, most of all, you can save some money too! The site will give you everything you need for an experience to remember. It’s so easy to use too.. you are going to love it!

Check sunset times before heading to the spot!

This is a big one. You should totally check the sunset time as all over the year it changes so much and, according to the season you are into, sunset time would change. Make sure to learn something more about it while using official sites or your weather conditions app that usually has this info!
So, having a little bit of your trip well planned, with the right car rental and a camera, you are definitely ready to go to reach the best 5 places to watch the sunset in Sydney in an easy and funny way.