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Monday, June 11, 2018

Managed to get a two hour hike done yesterday.

It was raining fairly steady when we woke up, and it didn't let up until after 10:00am. The forecast said it might be okay after that, so we went for a hike along a trail by the Yukon River near here.

We actually weren't sure if we were going to be able to follow a trail out of the area where Jean and Art live, but it turns out there are trails all over Whitehorse area.

I think we could hike here for weeks and not be on the same trail twice!

It was still a little chilly out though. Temperature when we set out was only about 7C (45F), so we bundled up a little bit, but by the time we finished we were too warm.

The Yukon River.

Somebody put these chairs out to enjoy the view!

The trail crosses the top of an odd section of land.

Don't get too close to the edge!

Still some low clouds in the sky.

Interesting erosion on the cliff side.

We had been gone for two hours and did 8.5 kms (5.3 miles), so we got some nice exercise in yesterday!

Back to the motorhome for a bowl of soup for lunch, and then a nice nap in the afternoon and some reading.

We had supper on our own, but afterwards we joined Art and Jean inside the house for a few rounds of cards.

Art, Jean, Ruth, and Kevin

We headed back to the motorhome and it was about 10:35pm when I took this photo.
The light will remain like this until almost midnight!

We're off early this morning to an appointment to hopefully get this welding job done on Sherman.

Fantastic deal on this fire pit!

And in Canada...


  1. LOVE that photo with blue skies at 10:35 pm! Hope you get that welding job done on Sherman. The photo with the blue chairs reminded me of the spot we camped in over the Loire River in France was so picturesque we stayed a couple days longer just to enjoy the view! The cliff erosions reminded me of the cliffs in Bryce Canyon, Utah! Thanks for the memories! Safe travels!

    1. Wait until we get even further north, then we will be in the land and the time of the midnight sun. Once we are up in the Arctic Circle the sun won't even set. We will be able to watch it go down only to come right back up and it will be like that for right into July sometime.

  2. Brrrr, 45 sounds awfully chilly, but I know from experience that once you get going on a hike with climbing, you warm up really quickly, and that's a nice hiking temp. Just hard to get started when it's cold. Soup and a nap sound lovely. And the night-time blue sky is a trip!

    1. It's not really that bad, especially once you are out hiking. More than anything it is the dull overcast skies that make it hard to want to get up and get out to enjoy the great outdoors.

      Soup definitely went down nicely and Kevin enjoyed his nap, it is rare that I ever have one.

  3. Can't tell you how many times we've dressed for the cool and ended up being too warm as the day wore on. One of these days we'll get it altogether, yes? :-)

    1. In this kind of climate you have to dress in layers because you never know when the weather may change and you certainly don't want to be caught out on a hike without some warm clothing, just in case and storm blows in quickly.


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