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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Scenery along the Alaska Highway

We actually drove 205 kms (127 miles) yesterday! We're trying to average about 200 kms (124 miles) a day, but we haven't been able to that very many times... there is too much to see along the way.

Lots of oil and gas activity up here! In fact, it's amazing how they get so much equipment and manpower, and be able to house and feed all the workers. Especially the 300 kms or so north of Dawson Creek.

For miles and miles, all you see are trees and wilderness, interspersed with oil and gas access roads and worker camps...

A currently unused worker camp.

They use these big tractors and cut back the heavy vegetation. 
Probably to create a fire gap.

Finally... some mountains!

Ruth spotted our first bear yesterday. He was down a narrow opening in the trees, and I didn't see it. She didn't think it was worth turning around for because he might have already gone into the trees. Still haven't seen any moose though!

You do see the occasional commercial business.

We stopped for lunch. Ruth made a big pot of pea soup using our Wonderbag.

When I have the cruise control on, I usually have my right foot up on the doghouse. 
More comfortable like that!

Yesterday's drive, 205 kms (127 miles).

We pulled left into the former Prophet River Provincial Park. There are no longer any signs on the road, so it's very easy to drive right past. But there is lots of room for any size rig because you can even park at the end of the emergency airplane runway that is there. Again, you would never know that any of this exists if you were just driving along.

Sherman parked for free at GPS 57.96901, -122.774435

There are a few other RVs here, but we think they are local workers.

Lots of room for big rigs at the end of the runway.

We got ourselves parked up, and went for a walk down to the river on an ATV trail. Surprisingly few mosquitoes! 

There had been a recent landslide.

The Prophet River.


On the trail.

We slept fine, even though one of the workers trailers seemed to have a generator running for an awfully long time. Oh well... still a decent free overnight spot.

We got up at 6:00am this morning and started driving right away.


And in Canada... I always thought this would be a good hobby for RVers...


  1. You look like happy campers !!

  2. Making good time exploring the wilderness. Nice campground.

    1. We are having a great time, doing just what we love to do! :-)

  3. Clickin' off those degrees of latitude!

    1. Yep, they are slowing getting higher and then like Doug said in a comment the other day, it will all be downhill after that! :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Once we got past Fort St. John the traffic really died down. It is so nice not having a ton of traffic around, give us more time to watch for wildlife.

  5. Good to see you still using the Wonderbag!

  6. Looks like a nice place to stop and take a break and take a nice walk in the woods!

    1. It was a great spot to park for the night, other than that one guy running his generator all night long, luckily he was far enough down that the noise wasn't a big problem.

  7. The population is pretty sparse west of Ft. Nelson with services here and there. I wonder if some run out of gas? On the other hand, it appears not much traffic that I can tell. Beautiful country. Some look out points don't have photos....maybe add some to google maps or sell photos to google maps. I see google has an 'add photo' area. Probably no internet services along this highway...appears to be mountainous.

    1. Yes, the population is pretty sparse now and not a lot of traffic, just the way we like it. :-)

      We have enough to do with just keeping up with the blog and facebook that we don't really want to spend extra time or cellular GB's on loading pictures to gopgle maps, plus as you said, internet is pretty sparse up this way.

  8. Glad to hear you are both enjoying this adventure. Be safe!

  9. That wonderbag sure is something. I'll need to go read more on that.


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