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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

First day back on the road

We got up at 6:00am. It's not that we had a really far drive planned... in fact, we didn't really have a plan at all, except to head towards Saskatoon. But I just wanted to get going! We still had some things to do and empty the holding tanks and fill with fresh water... that kind of thing.

And, we managed to get out of the park right at 9:00am.... which is the time I sort of had in the back of my mind.

Before we left, with grabbed a quick snap of Jo and Steve...

Jo and Steve... the new managers at Cabri Regional Park.

As we left the park...thanks guys!

Pronghorn on the prairies.

Highway #4 heading north in Saskatchewan!

Scenery along the way.

Yep... that was a wide load!

Deer at Rosetown.

We stopped at Rosetown to have a look at the campground there.... but at $30 a night? No thanks. Not our style. We continued on towards Saskatoon and saw a wildlife management area where we pulled in to have lunch... and we ended up staying. 

Several campsites here, and enough room that a big rig could pull across the front lawn if they wanted to. A bit of trash lying around. Not sure I would stay here on a weekend, but on a weeknight it was quiet as can be!

I think Sherman is quite happy here!
GPS 51.707973, -107.624586

Just a nice relaxing drive yesterday. 

Yesterday's drive, 185 kms (115 miles).

Today, we're off to the big city of Saskatoon!

Today only, the Ecosmart Tankless hot water heater...

Ecosmart Tankless Hot Water Heater

And in Canada...

Black and Decker 10" Lithium Electric Chain Saw


  1. Do you have a "Milepost" for the trip to Yukon? It should cover all your roads for this adventure. There maybe copies in libraries. Grocery costs increase as you go north. Last good chance is Walmart in Dawson Creek and Whitehorse.

    1. No, I've thought about it but I have a hard time justifying the $40 CAD cost. Most info is available on the internet, and we like to "wing it" anyhow. Yes, we are aware of grocery costs and I'm sure we'll be stocking up at the Walmarts. We most definitely won't be sleeping in their parking lots though!

    2. If you stop at the visitor centre in Dawson Creek, the Milepost map was available for free. At least it was two years ago.

    3. Thanks we will check that out Peter. :-)

  2. Always nice to get back on the road again, wandering about with a goal in mind. Keep travelling safely.

  3. I love being on the road I envy you both. We are still looking for an economical way to travel but cannot decide on what type of RV .we had a trailer but too small then a 5th wheel too big. We have a truck and tent for now but will be looking for something else in the future. Enjoy your travels!

    1. Thanks Brigitte we love being on the road too! :-)

      As for what vehicle is right for you, you will just have to keep trying different options until you find the right one. Maybe a motorhome that is about 28 - 30' might be more your size, or perhaps a slightly larger trailer than the first trailer you had.

  4. Replies
    1. Yep, the good times have now started! :-)

  5. We rarely get underway before 9 or so:) Not sure if the trucks or the deer are the bigger hazard:))

    1. It depends on what we have planned for that day's drive as to what time we like to leave. We like to be parked up by 2pm in the afternoon whenever possible.


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