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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Wow. We are a little overwhelmed...

By the generosity of our readers.

Two days ago, we asked if anybody wanted to help us buy some things for a local orphanage we will be staying at with our Mexico RV Caravan group.

In two days, 20 readers have donated a total of $1,670 in combined U.S. and Canadian dollars. Either way, it works out to over 30,000 pesos!


This is more than we expected, and it might present some logistical problems. But we are happy to work with that... we will figure it out, somehow.

So, lets not stop there! For those who haven't checked in here the last day or two, here's what we're doing...

Our Mexico RV caravan group will be spending a night parked up at the Hogar Infantil Orphanage. Ruth and I have stayed at this orphanage twice in the past. It's a fairly big organization, and we think that it is extremely well run.

Our group will be buying supplies for the orphanage. Yes, they accept cash donations online through an American run board of directors, but we want to go a step beyond that. There are some things that the orphanage needs... running shoes was one of the items. We will be meeting with the local director when we arrive there to find out any special needs, but our group will be buying goods in the local town to support the children. There is no middle man involved, and everything we spend goes directly to help the children. We are not simply bringing things down from (for example) Walmart in the U.S., so we will also be supporting the local economy by buying things directly from the businesses in the nearby town of Ocozocuatla.

If you want to help these children, you can donate easily to our paypal account at paypal.me/kevinandruth

Any money donated between now and Sunday February 25th will go directly to help the kids. Please take five minutes out of your day and send a couple of bucks to a worthwhile cause.

You can find out more about the orphanage here...


Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Yesterday was a day off for the group. We puttered around on Sherman a little bit, and did some hand laundry. Went into the town of Palenque with Bernd and Angelika and did some grocery shopping and went for lunch.

Kevin, Angelika, and Bernd at the Palenque sign.

There is an interesting apartment building in Palenque, made to look like a pyramid of some kind.

Not really much else to see in the actual town. Not sure why it was made a Pueblo Magico, other than it's close location to the archaeological site of the same name.

Back at the RV parking area, we walked around the property, and Ruth went for a swim.

This is an agouti. There are a few of these wandering around the hotel grounds.

The swimming hole on the hotel's side of the river.

On the opposite side, the local kids go for a swim.

Ruth, getting in the water.

We are pretty busy running the caravan, but we do have some time to relax!

Our parking area is beautiful, and with lots of shade.

Sherman's spot!

Today is a travel day. We will drive to the other side of Villahermosa. Only about 165 kms (102 miles), but it will probably take us three to four hours!

Good deal on a pop-up recycling can for the RV...

And in Canada...


  1. Beautiful spot. I'd be tempted to hang out there a while.

    1. I think just about everyone, if not everyone in the group would agree with you. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. It is a nice alternative if they will allow you to park down in this grassy section and you don't mind dry camping. Originally we were supposed to be parked up in the parking lot which would have been very tight and not very attractive. Mayabell has services at the site I believe and is in a nice setting, as well as a very close proximity to the ruins.

  3. Wonderful trip Kevin and Ruth! Do the couple traveling in that van have a blog? Wondering what is it like.

    1. No, they don't have a blog and we actually have two small vans in our group. :-)

  4. We bought one of those laundry plungers awhile back. It works great. We love it.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Looking forward to pictures of the orphanage. Safe travels.

    1. We are looking forward to showing you the orphanage as well and telling you all about it and the kids there.

  6. Never have seen or heard of a agouti. Why do I always see Ruth going into the water? You think you will melt Kevin? lol

    1. Well now you have seen an agouti! ;-)

      Kevin isn't much for cool water, it needs to be warm for him to go swimming.

  7. Way to go Kevin. I am sure Hogar will appreciate it.

    1. We are going to have some fun spending this money this afternoon! :-)

  8. What a great thing for you to do for the orphans. Love the fact that you have no middle man and that you are supporting the local economy. We are loving Tasmania in our rented camper van
    Lots of opportunities to free camp although we love the sites with. Camp kitchens. E sent a small contribution. Trish and John.

    1. Thank you for your donation Trish and John, I am sure that the kids and the orphanage will appreciate it.

      We look forward to doing something similar in the future. We hear that the hiking there is fantastic.


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