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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

We have another surprise for the group today!

We woke up yesterday morning cautiously optimistic that we were going to have a nice day with the weather. Ruth checked back, and we had endured nine days of overcast and rain, with (literally) only a few minutes of sun here and there.

In fact, since we left Canada on November 16th we could probably count on one hand the days that included the magical combination of blue sky, warmth, and sunshine!

There were a few clouds when we woke up, but the skies cleared nicely and it was a perfect day...

It was so nice to just relax and putter around. With all that rain, Sherman had developed a very minor drip around the top of the windshield area. I wanted to check and make sure it wasn't coming from anywhere higher up, and the only way to do that was to remove the cabinet I built when I got rid of the television...

A little project on the go.

Fortunately, it was totally dry up there. So all I can figure is that it's leaking around the top of the windshield molding itself. I'll have to pick up some caulking and seal it up a bit better. Hopefully that will fix it up when we happen to encounter rain again. With any luck at all that will be a long ways in the future!

I started giving Sherman a bit of a bath and cleaning the windows. I got about half done, and I'll do the other half today. Checked all the tire pressures...everything good there.


Our beach.

Waterfront RV sites, 15 amp electric with sewer and water are 400 pesos ($27 CAD, $22 USD) per night, but I think I saw somewhere that it drops to 300 pesos if you stay more than four nights.

It's a pretty nice spot!


There's a big dock just down the beach.


I had a note from Gabriel Romero, the owner of Caravanas de Mexico saying that he was buying everybody mariscada (a popular seafood plate in Mexico) for dinner at the restaurant here. Gabriel is very good at offering these complimentary surprises to the group!

Sunset dinner under the big palapa at Isla Aguada, Mexico.

We're a pretty happy group right now. 
Amazing what a day of sunshine will do!

We have another surprise for the group today! Can't wait to tell them!

Fantastic deal on an outdoor wireless bluetooth speaker...

And in Canada...


  1. The weather certainly makes a difference when on holiday!

    1. I think the weather makes a difference whether you are on holiday or not! Nine days of rain would be enough to wear just about anyone down.

  2. Ha ... does this ever resonate ... given our now 2 months in Cancun: 'In fact, since we left Canada on November 16th we could probably count on one hand the days that included the magical combination of blue shy, warmth, and sunshine!!

    Enjoy! Just luv following you!

    1. Sounds like the rain and clouds haven't been just isolated to the est coast of Mexico. Very unusual for Mexico at this time of year. Hope you are seeing the sun again too.

  3. I see that the power is 15 amps: what is the voltage. Usually with several RV's on the same line there is a voltage drop.

    1. At previous parks, there has been a big voltage drop... I've used my meter and seen it as low as 96 volts. Right now, I just checked three outlets and they range from 135 volts to 137 volts. We don't plug in at all. Love being self sufficient for electricity.

  4. Finally sunshine, it does seem you have had a lot of rain this trip

    1. Yes, we have definitely seen enough rain this trip, hopefully that was the last of it too! :-)

  5. Looks pretty nice there right now. Hope it keeps up. Enjoy your day and hope the group enjoys their surprise!

    1. It is pretty much perfect once again, hopefully it will last! :-)

  6. Timing is good Kevin, that is one spot you really want some sun to relax with. The lady who owns the park puts on a great spread, BTW, although from the photo it looks like she already did. Watch your speeds from there to Campeche, there were radar traps in Fall.

    1. The timing was definitely right and everyone is loving it here. Thelma put on a good spread the other night and it seems like just about everyone enjoyed it.


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