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Monday, February 5, 2018

Wandering around the streets of Campeche

Yesterday was a day off. The group spirits have definitely improved along with the weather, and the hectic pace of the first two weeks is forgotten. There are still a couple of people who are not feeling 100%, but I suppose when you have 24 people together there is bound to be always 1 or 2 who are a little under the weather.

Most people used the off day to return to the Campeche city center and do some more exploring.

It costs 45 pesos ($3.20 CAD, $2.55 USD) to take a taxi from the Kin-Ha Balneario to get to the city center. Sharing a cab between four people makes it pretty cheap. Or even cheaper, you can take the public bus that runs out front for 7 pesos (50 cents CAD, 40 cents USD) per person.

Ruth and I wanted to take the local bus, and we managed to get two other couples to go on the adventure with us.

We got off at the central area, and just started wandering the streets. Here are some photos...

We went to the market for lunch.

Usually, the cheapest place to get a decent meal is at the local market. We found a spot that had a variety of food. Ruth and I asked if there was a local specialty dish, and sure enough they suggested the relleno negro, a type of soupy stew with chicken and a pork meatball. Including a big glass of fresh orange juice for Ruth, and an agua de melon (melon juice and water) for me, the total price for the two of us was 169 pesos ($11.50 CAD, $9.25 USD).

Not many people out walking or cycling on a hot day.

Low tide.

The police here in Campeche have these neat little electric cars.

We took the bus back to the Kin-Ha Balneario and relaxed for an hour before our Super Bowl pot luck.

Super Bowl Pot Luck Dinner.

Unfortunately, nobody has a rig with an outdoor television or satellite setup, so we were listening to the game on satellite radio and live updates on the phone. We had a pool going, but I didn't win anything. I had picked a final score of 21-19 for New England, so I was obviously way off!

Today is a travel day as we do the 155 km (96 mile) drive from here to the Uxmal archaeological site. We'll be doing our tour at 8:00am tomorrow morning before it gets too hot!

Show your pet some dental love...

And in Canada...


  1. Looks like a nice, clean town or is it a city?

    1. It is a city but a small one and yes, it is very clean.

  2. I guess it is a great time not to be watching tv, with all the crappy daily news. I never saw the attraction of Merida myself, Campeche looks so nice though

    1. We don't watch TV and don't even have on. If we want to see the news we check the online newspapers and then we can pick and choose what we want to read.

      We remember Merida being pretty but we also remember ourselves saying how much more we like Campeche. I guess we will see if that still stands after our visit there in a few days.

  3. Great colourful pictures. Pot luck looks great! Enjoy your driving day today!

    1. Thank you Brigitte! The pot luck was delicious. :-)

  4. I like the colorful pictures of the buildings too.

    1. The colourful buildings are one of the reasons that we like Campeche so much.

  5. Very impressed by the cleanliness and prettiness of Campeche! And what a good day and place for you to have the Super Bowl potluck. Keep those pictures and posts coming....really loving reading your daily blog and comments.

    1. Thank you Lynnette!

      Campeche is a very clean city, maybe because it is a UNESCO site might be part of the reasoning for that but we do notice that most towns and city centres are quite clean anyways.


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