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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nova Scotia

One of our favorite provinces in Canada is Nova Scotia. We've spent a fair bit of time there because our daughter and her husband Justin lived there for about 7 years and our grandson Cameron was born in Nova Scotia!

And Nova Scotia is a fantastic province to explore in the motorhome. Fabulous little coves and fishing villages, and easy boondocking.

We did a few weeks in Nova Scotia in 2008, and almost three months there in 2011. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but it was.

Nova Scotia, one of Canada's Atlantic provinces.

The entire province has a total population of about 950,000 people. The largest city is Halifax. Greater Halifax area has a population of about 400,000 people.

The northeastern part of the province is Cape Breton Island. It has the "Cabot Trail", a scenic highway that meanders along the coastline and through Cape Breton National Park. I've done that road three times now... once by bicycle (when I was 14 years old!) and twice in the motorhome.

Last time we were there in June 2011 we didn't see much sunshine!

Ruth, looking at the Cabot Trail highway.

The only downside to RV'ing in Nova Scotia is the condition of the secondary roads. 

Terrible. And I doubt it's improved in the last six years!

We've been on secondary roads in Mexico that are in better condition than the ones in Nova Scotia. But, that's the price you pay to do some off the beaten path exploring. 

One such road led to Brier Island. Slow going, but worth the trip! Actually, the road to Brier Island wasn't that bad, and involved a couple of ferry crossings. The worst road to our recollection was highway #7 that runs along the south coast east of Halifax.

Brier Island at the red marker.

Sherman, boondocking on Brier Island, Nova Scotia.

Our daughter and her family have now moved out of Nova Scotia so we won't be returning there as often. In fact, the next time we head to Nova Scotia will be the summer that we take Sherman to Newfoundland. So we'd only be passing through Nova Scotia, but we look forward to returning then.

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  1. I live in NS and adore it but yes the secondary roads do indeed suck. The only worst road I have found, which absolutely shouldnt be so bad, is the Trans Canada outside of Moncton. Its full of potholes.

    1. We love Nova Scotia too, it is one of two provinces that we have pretty much seen all there is to see in the province but I am sure there is still a couple of little places that we might have missed.

      Yes, some of the secondary roads are crap but if you take your time driving on them they are worth it, except that one that is east of Halifax, it was so bad that we eventually had to get off of it. That was a long time ago and perhaps now it has been fixed and is in better condition. That bad section of Trans Canada highway near Moncton is in New Brunswick though not Nova Scotia, the main highway in Nova Scotia was in decent condition if we remember correctly.

    2. Yes agreed, it is in NB, its just my "benchmark for crapness" which I always tend to refer to.

    3. I think we know exactly what section you are talking about! Lol

  2. I wonder if that space Sherman took near the Prim Point Lighthouse is still okay to boondock in? Brier Island, as well. They look like terrific places to O/N! Nova Scotia is a fun province to explore. I don't remember the bad roads, probably on purpose! :-)

    1. As far as we know boondocking is still allowed on Brier Island. We actually stayed in two different spots while we were on the island, I think we stayed there two or three nights in total.

  3. We were there in 2015, it was a wonderful time. There was not much sun then either:)

    1. I don't think we have ever spent time in Nova Scotia when there has been a lot of sunshine. I think the rain and clouds followed us most of the time. We still enjoyed our time there though. :-)

    2. Thats a shame. We have some really foggy days but being from the UK, the summer is a million times better than what I have been used to :-)

    3. The summer is probably great out there but out of all the times we have been in Nova Scotia it is always before July and after August so maybe that is why we don't always get the sunshine.


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