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Sunday, July 16, 2017

It feels like a long weekend!

When I ordered a new laptop on Amazon Prime Day last Tuesday, the shipment said it would arrive on Monday the 17th. But I got the arrival notification on Friday morning so I headed in to the post office to pick it up before the weekend.

I've been using my old laptop as the office computer here since May, and it was getting to be a pain bringing it between the house and the office every time I wanted to do something.

But man, it was a lot of work getting files transferred from the old laptop to the new one. 36,000 photos. Seriously. I thought we were pretty good at whittling down the photos every day so that we're not keeping ones that aren't worth keeping, but apparently we'll have to get a little more fussy!

Very impressed with the sound quality from the new laptop. The picture seems about the same although it will play 1080p HD videos better than the old one did. And, it's lighter weight than the old one so it will be better for traveling.

Very busy weekend here at the park! Seems like everybody who has a seasonal is here, and we've only got about five empty sites in the regular day to day camping area. And it was hot... so when everybody has their air conditioners running, it sometimes taxes the system. As it did yesterday...

A camper came up and said "our whole row has no power"... and it didn't take long for me to figure out that there were two more rows without power as well. Everything looked okay at our breaker boxes, but there was one transformer that was hot and the main switch wouldn't move, so an outage  call to Sask Power was made.

The guy who was on call was out here in about 45 minutes, so that was pretty quick. Turns out that a rated 200 amp breaker finally said that 274 amps was too much! That's how much power ran through the breaker when he flicked the new one back on. Yikes. I think we need to upgrade the service. But, this only happens when the park is full and it's so hot. We'll make a request to upgrade and see what happens.

On another note, our friends Volkan and Heather put out a request if any of our Toronto area readers might be looking for a house sitter this fall...

Volkan and Heather are professional house sitters, flexible with their dates and do not charge.

RV Short Queen memory foam mattress on sale for a great price...

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress, RV Short Queen

And in Canada, the orange color of the popular Coleman Roadtrip Grill has dropped to a decent price...

Coleman Roadtrip Grill


  1. The shortage of power happens in a lot of older rv parks when people use everything on electricity. God luck with upgrade.

    1. Yes, it does and it doesn't help when we are so full and it is so hot out. Hopefully Sask Power will upgrade the park.

  2. On of the things I dread most is changing phones and/or computer. Just to much hassle. I always use a power monitor/ surge guard due to campground power issues. I am pleasantly surprised that on our current 2 month plus trip it has not dumped the power once:)

    1. Agreed!Good thing it isn't something that we have do do very often.

      Yes, having a surge protector helps, especially in some of these older parks. We rarely have to worry because we are hardly ever hooked up to power when we are traveling in Sherman, we rely on our solar power. :-)

  3. We've run into parks losing their power a couple of times. Thank goodness for the MH's generator to keep us cool until the "lights" come back on. :c)

    1. Except it wouldn't fly here because we don't allow the use of generators, however an exception may be made if the power were to be out for a long length of time.

  4. Thank you Ruth and Kevin for mentioning us in your blog. Hugs.

    Volkan and Heather

    1. No problem, hope you are able to find a housesit. :-)


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