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Monday, July 31, 2017

July Expenses

Well here we are on the last day of July! Tomorrow, we'll be able to say "next month we're outta here!"

And we're not planning on spending any money today, so we might as well give you our July expense report.

It was a good July for us! We only spend $675 in total, and that included buying a brand new laptop! Wow!

How is that possible, you ask? Well, read on and find out the details...

(Note, the following figures are in Canadian (CAD) dollars. For the U.S. dollar (USD) equivalent, you can subtract about 20%.)

Gasoline: We only put $29 worth of fuel in the little blue car. He had been full at the end of last month, and he needs to be filled up again on Wednesday. Gasoline has been holding steady at $0.969 CAD per liter. That's about $2.95 USD per gallon.

Groceries: Remember how much we spent in May and June on groceries? $929 in May and $726 in June! But, we had stocked up on a lot of items that had been on sale, and the freezer was pretty full. In July, that stockpile started paying dividends, and we only spent $355!! We're shooting for an average over the five months of $550 per month, so that means we have about $370 per month for the next two months and we think that's doable.

Miscellaneous: A total of $291. That's our monthly insurance on the little blue car at $77.50, and our monthly cell phone bill at $23.50. Plus the laptop which was on sale Amazon Prime Day for $374. But I had a $70 credit with from the small amount of affiliate sales we do there, plus I sold our old laptop to the park for $150 which was a good deal for both of us, leaving a net out of pocket cost of $184 for the new laptop.

And that's it. That's all we spent.

And our August and September budgets don't look much different. They'll both be well under $1,000 each.

It was a scorcher yesterday here at the park...

Our indoor outdoor thermometer!

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  1. I spent double what you spent in July...high utility and water bill in summers. Had to turn the temp up a notch. Isn't it great to have credits towards buying stuff? I recently bought a hand cranked emergency radio with usb port...can also use solar energy to power it up. I also bought my second canister of fire extinguisher for the house, dog caps and goggles mostly on credit from Amazon.

    1. P.S. I love the green canopy but not ready to buy yet. I'll keep it on my list.

    2. Yes, you have been having super hot weather down there this year, just like we have been having it really hot and dry up here, not quite as hot but definitely very hot for here.

      We love having extra credit to get some of those items that we really need. It sure helps with the budget.

  2. One of your cheapest months ever! We had a cheaper July grocerywise which is good since I am still trying to play catchup from going overbudget in late Spring. Enjoying cheap produce right now $1.99 cherries and 8 bananas for $1

    1. We think that it is probably our cheapest month yet! :-)

      We are getting those same sales on cherries here as well, I am going to pick some up on Wednesday.

      We are still playing catchup with our grocery bill, the rest of our months here have been pretty good budget wise, it was really only our grocery bill that was too high.

  3. Lolol....Just spent 3X that on our emergency medical travel insurance $2082.00 for the both of us. Saved the 6% PST today...woohoo.

    1. Ouch, that hurts! I hear that Saskatchewan is now going to add PST to the insurance bills, so I guess you bought it now to save on that extra 6%.

    2. I really do find the cost of travel insurance to be astronomical!

  4. That's a great report and what a super deal on your new computer. We're in the market for a new computer and I don't relish the process of researching and trying to find the best deal.

    1. Yep, we are pretty happy with those numbers, hopefully we can do as well again in August and hopefully September too!

      Kevin had been keeping his eyes open for a good deal since May and then on Amazon Prime Day he saw this great deal and decided that it wasn't going to get any better so he purchased it. So far he is very happy with it and the reviews were good as well.


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