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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Ruth and I were only about 5 years old when Canada celebrated its 100th birthday on July 1, 1967. So we don't really remember the big event. And so we had better enjoy this one because it's highly unlikely we'll be around to see Canada's 200th birthday in 2067!

Even at 150 years old, Canada is a relatively young country. And it almost didn't make it this far. Most recently, the independence of the province of Quebec has been an issue, and in 1995 there was a referendum in that province where the people voted on whether or not to become an independent nation.

The results of that vote were 50.58% to remain part of Canada, and 49.42% to separate. The "no" side won, by the slimmest of margins. Eventually, there will be another referendum and so the possibility definitely exists that Canada as we know it today won't make it to its 200th birthday.

Canadian actor Mike Myers recently narrated a video that shows a little bit of Canada's history and the things that make us Canadian...

As Canadians, all of our ancestors were immigrants to Canada. Yes, all of us. Both of my grandmothers arrived here in the 1920's, one from Czechoslovakia, and one from Scotland. One of my grandfathers arrived during the same period, but from England. My other grandfather comes from a line of people who have been in Canada since well before it was Canada. In fact, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather was a colonel in the British army who arrived as part of the Yorkshire migration in the late 1700's!

Canada is a nation of immigrants, and that welcoming immigration philosophy continues today.

The place to be on Canada Day is the capital city of Ottawa, our home town. Kind of missing it today, despite the bad weather that's forecast for the nation's capital. 

So, join us today in wishing Canada a happy 150th birthday, and hopefully, many more!

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  1. Happy Canadian Day as we too will be celebrating Happy 4th of July day here in the USA. I am native to America as a Navajo/Zuni/Jimenez mix lineage. However, we dub our family as the united nations. Some of my nieces and nephews are part Czechoslovakian, some part African (don't know which tribe), and many of other mixed Caucasian lineage (my granddaughter fits into this category. Her mother doesn't know much about her family). Other family members are part Mexican (my Aunt says her family came from Spain). Our family tree is huge and needed a computer app to fit in most of them but we have many empty spaces because my daughter has not kept up with the tree. We started a family web site to enter new born family members or newly married couples but still hard to maintain the family tree history. Again, happy Canada Day.

    1. Thank you Rita and we hope you have a Very Happy 4th of July!

      I would think that most families both in Canada and in the United States have a fairly mixed nationality. It is nice that we can embrace all these different qualities into our lives.

  2. Happy Canada Day to all its Citizens.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. A very happy birthday to you dear friends to our North!

    1. Thank you Paul and Marsha! Hope you guys have a wonderful 4th of July in a couple of days.

  4. Enjoy the day! How cool you can trace your family line back to the 1700s! :c)

    1. Thank you Paul and Marti. It was a very busy day, mixed in with a some frustration but ended up good overall.

      Yes, Kevin did a lot of work on our family trees while we still had a house but just haven't found the time since we hit the road almost 10 years ago.

  5. We made it to Ottawa to celebrate Canada 150 and despite the rain and T-showers, the long lines and security, it was good to be here. Flags, beer, poutine, Beavertails, music and fireworks. Lots of diversity. Lots of high spirits, school kids from all over Canada. Rick Mercer, Trudeau, Shania and throw in the P and wife visiting.

    1. Ottawa is always the best place to be for Canada Day celebrations! It is always so much fun wandering around downtown and everyone seems to be is such good spirits with so much Canadian pride showing. And then they always have a fantastic fireworks display to finish it all off with. So glad that you went and had a great time despite the weather and long line ups. :-)


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