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Sunday, July 9, 2017

A project on the go...

A little project on the go here at the park. When things are busy, I can't go too far from the office area because I know it won't be long before my pager goes off telling me that there is someone waiting at the office. So Ruth had delegated me to do one of her landscaping projects nearby.

We had ordered a pallet of patio stones and they needed to be installed outside our main bathroom.

The main bathroom is nearest the beach and so sometimes muddy and sandy people want to rinse the grit off themselves. They would go into the showers and make the floors a mess.

Also, the area outside the entrance to the bathrooms would get muddy if it rained too much. And of course that would also track dirt into the bathrooms. We have the cleanest Regional Park bathrooms is Saskatchewan, and we like to keep them that way!

So, we decided to put down some patio stones and gravel, and install a handheld outdoor shower on the outside wall, and eventually plant some flowers between the patio stones and the wall of the building.

And yes, it's about 32C (89F) while I'm doing this!

Moving around the dirt, and putting sand down under the stones.

Gotta make sure it's level...

Not bad...

At least I got the two ends done so that they're not tracking in any more dirt than necessary for now.

Things are supposed to cool off a bit for Tuesday, so I should be able to finish it off then without having to work in the heat.

Hope you're all having a great summer weekend!

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  1. Summer has been good so far. No heat waves, sporadic downpours, but generally nice.

    1. Glad you have been having good summer weather, we hope it continues for you. :-)

  2. Send some of that 89 degree weather to's about 115 degrees but I managed to rake the yard and moved stuff around in the storage shed. No rain in much for monsoon weather predicted.

    1. Wow, that hot! We have been hearing on the news how hot and dry it has been down your way. I hope you get a break in the weather soon and some rain.

  3. Nice to get that stuff done and help keep things much cleaner. It will cool down soon and your will be able to finish it I am sure.

    1. Yes, it will be nice to get this job done! We have been talking about doing it for a couple of years now, so it is nice to see it actually getting done. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler but then the temperature is jumping right back up into the 30's again.

  4. Should make work a little easier when finished - always good to make improvements!

    1. Yes, it should help to keep the sand and mud out of these washrooms anyway, providing that people read the directions and use the outside shower first to get the sand/mud off their feet first before entering. Only time will tell if it will work, if nothing else at least it will look nicer. :-)

  5. Hi Kevin,

    Wow! You are in T-Shirt and Short Pants Weather!

    You got the T-Shirt on. Put on some short pants and get a bit cooler! 😎


    PS: I love the way your Blog is formatted.

    That: "Click here to read more..." How do you do that?


    1. When we are working around the park for the most part we need to wear pants to protect our legs from the equipment and work that we do. If he doesn't have to do work like this then he sometimes wears shorts. :-)

      When you are in the "Blogger Page" writing a new post there is a line of symbols/icons and the one to the right of the "happy face" is the symbol/icon for a page break and that is what we use.


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