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Monday, March 27, 2017

Crawling across the top of the hiking trail...

First on the agenda yesterday was to get down to the main grocery store in the nearest large town about 4 kms away. We were originally planning on walking down, but with the time change here in Italy early Sunday morning, we were late getting started. The grocery store  closes at 12:30pm on Sunday, so we packed a  lunch and hopped in the car to make that our first stop.

When we had come through this town on Saturday, it was the middle of the afternoon and things were very quiet. So we were surprised to find it very busy, and we even had a hard time finding a parking spot.

It turns out that there's a popular market on Sunday mornings. We walked through it, but didn't find anything special. We did take a video for you though in the plaza...turn up your volume so you can hear the church bells...

It was a beautiful day, and we checked the map and found a random hike to do. It looked like it led to a castle, and it was a marked trail so we drove about 15 minutes from town to find the trailhead.

Vineyards and blue sky.

The first part of the trail was straight uphill and it didn't take long to get some nice views.

Spring wildflowers.

You could tell that the trail is fairly well used, so we were surprised on a nice Sunday that we didn't bump into anybody else.

The trail eventually went on to solid rock, but it was well marked and easy to follow.

Kevin on the trail.

But then we came to a section where the rock was on a 45 degree slope, and the trail went right across the top of it. I don't have much of a problem with these sections, but Ruth gets a little nervous.

Good thing there are trees to hang on to!

Ruth won't appreciate it, but I have to show you this video...check out the look on her face at the end...

And it would get worse later on.

Ruth, crawling across the top of the trail.

But, we made it up to the castle. I had a cell signal, so I did some research and found out that we had hiked up to a very important castle. Not only did it's history go back to the 6th century, but it has a more recent important history as well.

On the hiking trail, we found this plaque.

The plaque says Here, on December 27th, 1944, Pesatori Vincenzo did something for freedom. I can't find a translation for the word "ECADUTO" and I've tried spelling it various ways. Anybody fluent in Italian?

Anyhow, it turns out that an Italian resistance troop was stationed at this castle, and they underwent two attacks by the Germans. They managed to hold off the first wave, but the castle fell to the Germans on the second attack.

Rocco d'Oglioso Castle

Our lunch stop overlooking the castle.

The place was very quiet, and I found online that it is now privately owned. They do one hour private guided tours on Sunday afternoons, and by 2:30pm we started seeing some activity. But it was €10 ($14.70 CAD, $11 USD) per person, we we decided against it. Was tempted though. We love castles!

Rocco d'Oglioso Castle.

Local legend says the castle has existed here since the 6th century, but there is no written evidence to support that until 1037. Still...that's 450 years before Columbus "discovered" America. Wow!

We followed the trail leading back down the other side...and came across another very narrow ridge that was part of the trail. this time, there were no trees to hang onto!

Beautiful scenery.

What a great hike!

She managed to stand up across this section.

Somewhere to take a break along the way.

What a fun trail. Exciting, great views and a fantastic castle! And a beautiful day.

The trail was only 5 kms (3 miles) long, but it felt like a lot more because it was steep and slow going, and of course lots to see along the way. 

We stopped in town on the way back home and treated ourselves to a gelato.

Getting up early this morning and doing a two hour drive to Bergamo airport to drop off our rental car, and then a bus ride to the train station and then the train to Milan, connecting to Savona. Travel days are always interesting, so be sure and check in again tomorrow!

In fact, we'll be busy traveling a lot this week. Three new countries over the next four days!

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  1. Looks like another very interesting hike, not something we would do for sure.

    1. Good thing we did it for you then George! ;-)

  2. I hope Ruth thought it was fun! Are you sure you were on the right path?

    1. Yes, I thought it was fun! :-)

      And, yes we were on the marked trail. You could also see how it was worn down from people using it too.

  3. Not very far from Nice to Monaco on a bus and very spectacular views! And you could add another country to your belt! http://travel.stackexchange.com/questions/11066/how-to-get-from-nice-to-monaco-by-public-transport

  4. The plaque says: e caduto = he has lost his life or h's fallen. On December 27, 1944 Pesatori Vincenco is here fallen for freedom.

    1. Thanks so much for your help on that Renate! :-)

  5. Those trails look too scary for me you are both very brave to attempt them and maybe a little crazy as well. Enjoy your travel days and stay safe!

    1. Brigitte, not just "crazy," but "insane." Ruth's father may be chasing Kevin around the house with a bat when he walks through the front door! LOL!

    2. It was actually only those two sections that were a little dicey but only for me. Kevin had no problem with them and we saw another hiker going across one and he had no problem either. If I am down low, I do much better than when I am standing. I always laugh and say that I should where horse blinders when I am doing hikes like this because it is my peripheral vision that causes me to feel uneasy, that or it's just all in my head. I like to push myself at points like this!

      Dee, my Dad in his younger years would have been out there with Kevin hiking across those stoney ridges!

    3. Ruth, I'm like you on these kinds of paths/trails its my side views that get me wobbily- so yes horse blinders are the answer! LOL!! Lyd

  6. Hats off to Ruth for not giving up! What a nice day!

    1. Thanks Peter but I really wish that I could have hiked across it like most hikers would. I need to keep on pushing myself at times like this and maybe one day I will get past the issue of heights. Really the only time I find it difficult is when I am on a ridge with nothing to hold on too and nothing close to the ground on either side, if there had been a cliff to cling too on one side or a rope/railing I would have been fine.

  7. Wow. Super crazy hike. Glad you did it because I'm pretty certain I would not!

    1. It was a fun hike and if I had to do it again I would!

  8. Good job on that hike! I have a feeling I would have done it exactly as Ruth did. Sometimes you just gotta sit and scoot! :-)

    1. Thanks Emily! On the second set of ridges, Kevin ended up taking my hand and walking across with me and even that helped. If there was at least something that I could hold on to on one side, I wouldn't have had an issue. I have been known to sit and scoot or crawl before. I know on one or two pyramids in Mexico I have had to scoot down the steps on my bum, at least just the very top few ones!

  9. The church bells are fantastic. And to see the plaza at the same time is awesome! Great job!
    I am with Ruth only I would get a lot nervous! Did you smack him Ruth? I would have...lol
    Beautiful scenery for sure. Lovely photo of Ruth...and of course Kevin on the trail also.

    1. This has been the third town/village where we have heard the church bells playing a tune. I seems to happen mostly on a Sunday though.

      No, I didn't smack him but I did give him that "What have you gotten me into" look! I had fun and I would have done the hike again knowing that we had to cross this couple of stoney ridges. The view of the countryside was worth it!

  10. Heck, Ruth, you got across whatever way you could and kudos to you ... that ridge trail looked pretty sketchy to me, too. I have to say, however, that I would've splurged for the guided tour inside the castle. We don't get many opportunities like this -- touring a 6th century castle. I bet it was splendid! Your photos do it justice!

    1. We had a few good laughs at my attempts to cross the ridge. It is really mind over matter but I have a hard time to try and get past that. As long as I get across, I am happy, I would just prefer to do it standing up rather than on my bum. :-)

      We have toured so many castles this past winter that we have gotten to the point that if we have to pay for it, then we will just miss skip it. They are all starting to look alike and we wouldn't have been able to appreciate it the way it should be appreciated. However, if we hadn't of seen so many castles then we definitely would have done the tour. The grounds looked very well taken care of.


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