Max, at his overnight spot near the town of Žiri, Slovenia..
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Žiri, Slovenia.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Croatia.

Friday, March 24, 2017

More travel plans confirmed

We woke up yesterday morning to rain...buckets of rain. It was pouring! And the rain continued on and off all morning. So we stayed put and got caught up on some internet stuff. In fact, it's quite a lot of work planning our onward travels, and so it has to get done sometime.

It might as well have been yesterday. We've now got all of our accommodation booked right up until and including our March 30th to April 3rd stay in Marrakesh, Morocco.

All of our bookings have been through AirBnb. I really like the AirBnb model, and you can find some really good places to stay at decent prices. And, you meet local people in the process.

If you've never used it, now is the time to sign up. Do it through this link, and you get a substantial free travel credit....and so do we if you end up booking a stay! We both win!

So, we were housebound for the morning, but the rain stopped after lunch so we went out for a walk down to the next village and then around our village. Still chilly out, and with a wind. But at least we didn't get rained on.

Welcome to the village of Debbio.

The main drag in Debbio!

Water, if you need some.

A little chapel.

This path is probably hundreds of years old.

Back in our village of Pieve di Zignago.

Ruth, checking out the trekking trail map.

The general store here in town.

Our town church.

You don't need a watch here in Pieve di Zignago. The church bells go off every hour on the hour all day (and night) long. And one single ding on the half hour. At 7am, it rings the 7 times it's supposed to,  as well as some extra in case you're still sleeping!

Mr. Horse.

Baa baa black sheep.

Pigs and chickens.

Today is our last full day in this location. We move on Saturday morning. It's supposed to be a really nice day today, so we're driving down to see the leaning tower of Pisa, and then the city of Lucca. Hopefully the weather gods are on our side!

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  1. Love all the history and adventure in your travels but it was the white Crik Crok potato chip van that caught our eye. PA makes many brands of potato chips plus hubby drove race car for one of them. So guess that's why it just popped out at us! B&C in PA ;-)

    1. It's funny that you mentioned that because when I saw this Crik Crok potato chip van in the village, I laughed because it was only the day before that I saw one in La Spezia. I guess the name is a bit catchy in order for me to notice them both. Haven't tried their potato chips though.

  2. Last week on TV there was a great report on AirBnb. They interviewed one of three founders. He was really good. But, they are coming under attack in many cities. Some cities are banning them. They say they are not charging enough and are hurting the local economy. I think they have a great idea.

    1. Weaver, wish I had seen the TV report. Bed and Breakfast inns and establishments have been around in the southeast a l-o-o-o-n-g time; in the 1950s, B&Bs were called tourist homes; before the 1950s along the railroad towns, they were called boarding houses. These cottage industry businesses back then never were considered a threat to the hotel industry. Now, with organized B&B internet advertising, the hotel industry wants to put the screws to the B&Bs. This reminds me, about two years ago, I was in Chicago for a wedding and the regular taxi drivers were threatening to go on strike because Uber was allowed to pick up passengers from O'Hare Airport. What is wrong with a little competition!

    2. I heard AirBnb is a problem in Reykjavik because it has now become very difficult to find long term accommodation.

    3. Elaine, most likely, there is more to it than that problem. Just like it is in New York City, the city government legislates and targets certain apartment buildings for "rent control," telling property owners the highest amount they can charge for rent. The owners then decide how best to utilize their property; the situation you describe may be the way property owners get around government restrictions.

    4. I think it would be very hard for them to ban them because if they do, something else will pop up instead. Besides, I think that they bring more money to the areas because if it weren't for AirBnB and their cheaper accommodations we would be able to afford to stay in the hotels in Europe because they are just too expensive, or if we did it would only be for a very short time rather than 5 weeks or so. Perhaps hotels should start to lower their prices if they can't fill their rooms.

      Dee, it is very similar to the situation with Uber and they haven't been able to win that one either, just goes to so that the sharing network is here to stay.

      Elaine, I can believe that because I don't think there are enough hotels in Reykjavik either to keep up with the influx of tourists visiting Iceland these days and people see the need so they are making any extra rooms available on AirBnB. Perhaps they need to build more and have them legislated for long term accommodation only.

  3. Some rainy days can happen, but always something to do. Nice to get things organized and then keep enjoying the lifestyle. Good luck with the weather.

    1. Somehow we always manage to get out and get some exercise in, even if it's a little damp. Good thing we don't let it dampen our spirits! :-)

  4. The leaning tower of Pisa is a must see, but the downtown area along the Arno river is beautiful too. Have a fun day!

    1. We visited the downtown and along the river even before getting your comment but thanks for the suggestion. :-)

  5. Very interesting little town. Great you have some of your future plans arranged especially on a rainy day. Glad you could get out for a bit of fresh air though. Excited to see the leaning tower of Pisa and other interesting buildings you might come across. Safe travels!

    1. It seems that all the little towns/villages in this area are really pretty and VERY old, so we get lots of history added into our daily exercise.

      Kevin has the blog post done so you will see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and many other wonderful photos in today's post, hope you enjoy them. :-)


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