Max, at his overnight spot near the town of Žiri, Slovenia..
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Žiri, Slovenia.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Croatia.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Nice to have your ducks in a row...

Hit the road about 10:45am yesterday, again headed east towards Torrevieja. We figured we'd put in a little longer driving day on Saturday to allow for two shorter driving days on today and Monday.

Definitely a little more activity on the roads on a weekend. Spain seems to have a lot of active cyclists, and there are even signs on the roads that are popular with recreational cyclists.

The first part of the drive was still in the mountains, and then we came down into the valley and plains. A little overcast, with even a few raindrops throughout the day.

Scenery along the way.

A narrow bridge crossing.

Cyclists, big trucks, and horses.

Interesting hills.

More scenery.

This was one of the most popular areas to film the old Spaghetti Westerns back in the 1960's. Clint Eastwood's "A Fistfull of Dollars" was filmed here. As such, some of the sets have been turned into tourist attractions...

Mini Hollywood.

Fort Bravo.

As I said, these roads are popular with weekend cyclists.

We made it to the small city of Huércal-Overa (pop 18,000) where there is a large free motorhome aire. Probably room for at least 30 motorhomes. Seems to be a fairly well off town. Very clean, and lots of modern buildings including a new indoor municipal swimming pool.

And, they have a small free zoo in one of the parks, Just farm type animals...nothing exotic.

Ruth, saying hello to a pony.


Billy's wife and kid.

Proud as a peacock!

(Edit: We went to use the public bathroom at the park this morning, and wouldn't you know it one of the peacocks had his feathers up and wide open. Not something you see very often, and I didn't have either my camera or my phone with me!!)

Nice to have your ducks in a row.

This mom had about a dozen little ones underneath her!

We went for a walk around town. Not much going on because when people here have siesta between 2pm and 5pm, they really do seem to just go inside and rest! Just about everything shuts right down. Plus, it was spitting with rain a little bit.

No idea what the story is with this place. Falling into ruins. Shame.

We had a little rain shower.

Church doors.



Nice sunny day so far today, and calling for a high of 21C (70F), probably the warmest we've had since we arrived in Spain on January 2nd!

Only a 70 km (42 mile) drive planned for today, so we're off to do a morning hike before hitting the road.

Yesterday's drive, 130 kms (81 miles).

Good selection of Ray-Ban sunglasses...check out the prices!

And in Canada...good price for an 8 pack...


  1. At Scone Palace in Scotland peacocks roam the grounds and we saw several with their feathers on display.

    1. They are beautiful with their tails open. I think I have a picture from a long time ago with a white peacock with it's tail open!

  2. Nice to have the weather warming up for you again, wonderful here.

    1. Yes, it starts warming up just as we are about to head a little further north, figures! ;-)

  3. Those Western movie parks seems to be cropping up everywhere. Today a bus tour left the park to Durango and one of their stops will be the movie sets. It does not interest me at all.

    1. They have had the Western movie parks in the Durango area for quite a long time now. That used to be where John Wayne did quite a bit of filming. We actually stayed in the parking lot overnight in one of them when we made our way to Creel a couple of years ago. We paid to go in and visit the park and had some fun, luckily it wasn't expensive like it is at these ones, I think Kevin said it was something like €15 ($22CAN) each here!

  4. Funny, we were camped at the beach at Aguilas Sat night! When we left Granada in the morning it was windy and raining so opted out of going thru the Sierra Nevadas and headed to the coast. This morning we were going to go near Torrevieja, but after getting groceries and a hike we didnt get far - only to the beach outside of Cartagena :) Enjoy your trip to Italy :). We'll be there in a couple/3 weeks.

    1. We are headed to Torrevieja today! Are you going to be there too? Perhaps we could meet up somewhere?

      I wish we were RVing it Italy as well. It is so much easier to travel in an RV!

    2. There is McD's on N332. Should be hanging out there around 1:30 if your available

    3. The one just south of Torrevieja? If so, we can be there between 1:30 and 2pm...

    4. At n332 and calle Escorpiones. There is a JYSK next door

    5. Yes that would be south of Torrevieja

  5. Guess we missed MiniHollywood :(. Thats ok we saw the Moroccan Hollywood! LOL!

    1. I doubt you missed much, except for the high entrance fees! ;-) I am sure the Moroccan one was more interesting anyway.


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