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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Free beach camping in Spain

We said goodbye to Paula and Jerry just before 10:00am. We were headed only a few minutes down the road to meet up with Carol and Roelof, blog readers who we had been in contact with a few times over the past couple of years.

We met them at a nearby Lidl grocery store since they usually have sufficient parking for a motorhome, plus we had to pick up some groceries anyhow!

Pleasantries were exchanged, and we hopped in their car to find somewhere to go for coffee. There was a nearby restaurant cafeteria at a gas station, so we got a table.

Lots to talk about. Carol and Roelof are originally from Toronto, but are now based on Vancouver Island. They're out exploring the world now, and are doing some house sitting. They recently spent a couple of weeks in Morocco, so it was interesting talking to them about that since we'll be doing the same thing in early April.

Kevin, Roelof, Ruth and Carol.

Good discussion for an hour and a half, and we hope to meet up again somewhere else in the word some day!

It was about 12:30pm by the time we finished our grocery shopping and finally hit the road. We didn't really have an overnight spot in mind, but first we wanted to match up another one of my dad's photo spots from his trip in 1954. It didn't take long to find it, only about 5 kms away!

My dad's photo from 1954.

Taken yesterday from the same spot!

The road in the foreground would have been the main southern coastal road at the time. Since then, there has been another bridge built in between the aqueduct and the original road. And, there's a four lane highway that runs this route now as well! Things have sure changed!

We walked across the newer bridge to get a better shot of the Roman aqueduct.

And while we're talking about matching up some of my dad's photo spots, Ruth was going through his pictures yesterday and there had been one of two scenery shots that we didn't think were going to be easy to find so we really hadn't been trying. But as she was looking at them, she compared them to some of the photos we had taken yesterday, and amazingly one of them almost matched up!


Taken February 28th.

So that was kind of fun. 

I checked the websites for a couple of coastal overnight possibilities, got the GPS coordinates for a couple of options, and we carried on along the scenic (but very slow) coastal route.

Scenery along the way.

As you can see, it was another beautiful day.

We stopped at one overlook and went for a short walk. There was another RV parked at the overlook, but otherwise the old scenic route was a lot quieter than we thought it would have been. We tossed around the idea of overnighting there, because the only signs were a large "P" and a small one that said it was some kind of natural park area. Nothing at all about parking overnight. Anyhow, we finally decided against it and carried on.

Saw some wildlife along the way!

Spain coastline.

Lots of tunnels and bridges.

We made it to a second free parking location that had really good reviews online, with recent reviews from only last month. It was tough to get to, with lots of steep residential roads on the side of the mountain. We arrived there to find this...

A brand new sign!

There was only one other RV, and very few cars. I expect had we been here a couple of weeks ago this lot would have been packed with RVs. 

But, we're pretty sure we know what happened, and it's been happening all along the southern Spanish coast. Some RVs have been abusing things and now they're being shut down for everyone. In fact, we saw one RV dumping their grey water on a beachfront sidewalk yesterday. I almost said something, but the licence plate was from France and I didn't know how to get my point across in French. 

Anyhow, we carried on to the next idea near Salobreña.

Things are pretty congested in some areas. 

Arrived in Salobreña to find another castle on a hill.

And we were parked up for some free beach camping by 3:30pm.
GPS 36.741467, -3.596507

Taken from the same spot as the photo above this one.

We went for a walk on the beach, about two kms each way to the main beach of Salobreña.

This beach would be absolutely jam packed on a hot summer day.

Octopus roasting over an open fire!


The castle is all lit up at night.

Nice quiet night, and if we didn't have to be back to Alicante on Monday we probably would have stayed here and relaxed for the day. But, we've had our fill of the coast again, and we're headed back inland!

Yesterday's drive, 42 kms (26 miles).

Oh, and we posted our February expense can view it here...

Fantastic deal on an emergency freeze dried food kit. Also great for quick meals when you need one!


  1. We think it is pretty cool to meet up with new blog readers in the USA. You two travel all around the world meeting up with them. How cool is that!

    We just love seeing the photos of dad's and your's. Awesome.

    LOL....Octopus on an open fire....did you two have any? Doesn't look appetizing to me at all....yuck.

    1. It's funny but three of these couples are ones that we originally met in North America and now we all happen to be over here touring around. It think it is pretty cool meeting with blog readers no matter where we are. :-)

      No, we didn't have any but we have had octopus before when we were in Mexico and we don't particularly like it. !t's something like eating a rubber band! ;-)

  2. Another adventurous day and a nice camping spot on the beach.

    1. Not much in the way of adventure but it was a decent camping spot. We liked the one that we stayed at last night in the mountains much better!

  3. Just curious, where on Vancouver Island do they live? We have been looking in a few places.

    1. They don't actually "live" on Vancouver Island but when they go back "home" they have a friend who has a large house and they use that as their "crash pad" as they put it, and then help our their friend with all the chores. Can't remember exactly where though!

  4. Another gorgeous beach and fabulous castle! Continued safe travels...

    1. Yep, love it when you find a place that has a bit of everything to offer. :-)

  5. It's always fun to catch up with blog followers. Love the pic of the octopus being cooked.

    1. It is always fun! We have had octopus before but we have never seen it cooked like that.

  6. Seeing the octopus "roasting over an open fire" stopped me in my tracks. That's a lot of invertebrates lined up to cook like marshmallows! I love the coast, always stuff to see. Sorry to hear about the RV parking areas being closed, probably, as you suggest, from uncaring people abusing the privilege to park for free.

    1. We thought it was a pretty weird thing to see, never thought of them roasting like marshmallows though, too funny!

      We like a rocky coast over a sandy one but if we had to choose between the coast/beach or the mountains, the mountains would win every time.

      Agreed, some RVers have abused the privilege. Also is some areas, they have just plain taken over and nobody has a place to park because all these motorhomes are parked there and staying long term. Nice to see that some places are starting to put their foot down and making it more accessible to the locals again.

  7. We'll never tire of the coastal towns and beaches you share in your travels. Oh, and the wildlife, too!! B&C

    1. I am glad that you don't tire of it because we sure do! The areas that aren't built up are quite nice but few and far between. We will take the mountains any day over the beach and beach towns but that is just us. :-)

  8. We agree with you. We love country living in the mountains but enjoy our summers along the coast. You're right, the least built up, the better.

    1. Totally agree! We do like the beach/coast but not for any length of time.


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