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Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Expenses

Well, if it weren't for paying for our new passports ($320 CAD) this month, it would have been a really cheap month!

The following figures are all in Canadian dollars. You can subtract about 25% for U.S. dollar equivalent...

Gasoline: Can't remember the last time we went a month without buying any gas. Well, I guess it would have been last November when we were in Colombia! In June, we had finished the month with a full tank, having filled it up on June 29th. In July, we topped it up once with Air Miles cash miles, a new division of the Air Miles program here in Canada. But we're starting August with a pretty empty tank.

Groceries: We're finally getting caught up on the heavy grocery bills we incurred in May and June. July came in at $495, which is pretty good. August should be about the same, and then September even less as we use up the stuff we have in the freezer.

Miscellaneous: Our passports were the big expense here, at $320. Other than that, there was our $80 monthly car insurance bill, and a few minor items. Total of $438.

And that's it! At $934 total, a pretty cheap month all in all, and August is expected to be even cheaper!

Do you have a rain gauge? We have one out on the porch here at the park. It rained again overnight. We got 6/10ths of an inch, during a big thunder and lightning storm. We don't need any more rain this year!

Rain Gauge


  1. Most of Ontario is still in a near drought!

    1. The farmers here would love some of that dry weather you are having there.

  2. It's been raining almost everyday in Saskatoon too. We don't need any more.

    1. Much the same here. Yes, we have definitely had enough of it!!!

  3. Passport renewal is a big expense which I tend to forget about as it only happens every ten years. As always, thanks for sharing!

    1. Up until this new passport renewal it has always been 5 years for us. I think they started the 10 year one shortly after we got our last passport in 2011.


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