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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Goings on here at the park

Weekends have been fairly busy, but we haven't been sold out yet this year. This coming weekend could change that though because we're getting a lot of last minute bookings and I think there are only two full service sites left.

Monday through Thursday is always quiet though, and even this week despite the fact that the weather the last few days has been hot and sunny.

It actually  went up to 31C (88F) yesterday...the hottest day since that heat wave that went through here in May.

Last weekend was busy because of an ovarian cancer fundraiser that takes place here. It's become an annual event, with music and dinner and a silent auction.

Lots of people enjoying the afternoon.

And music too!

Almost needed more parking.

This big storm cloud threatened, but we only got a quick shower.

I'm surprised that it's as busy as it is given that the lake level is still  about three feet lower than it was last year at this time. And it was low then! Pontoon boats seem to be able to get through the shallow weedy part, but the bigger speedboats don't have an easy time of it, and although people can use the boat ramp, there is no dock so it's not easy to get in and out of the boats.

The water level isn't expected to rise much more than this.

Ruth's flowers are doing well.

Two more busy weekends left and then things will start to wind down in August when the local farmers start harvesting.

Some of the things you can buy on Amazon just make you shake your head.

How is this for your next BBQ...?


  1. Nice that the campground is busy, We have a huge heat wave here for the next week but no pproblem we can deal with that,
    the flowers look wonderful.

    1. Yes, it is nice to see see the campground getting busy! The water level is suppose to start rising more this week which will be great for the boaters for the August Long Weekend. I am sure we will be sold out for that weekend.

  2. The flowers are so nice! You guys do such a nice job of keeping the park look clean, neat, and inviting. The summer is sure zipping by. In a few weeks we will start seeing oranges and reds on the mountains here as the deciduous trees lower down the evergreen forest slopes start to change mid August.

    1. Thank you Lori! We work hard on making the park look great for the campers. I have been working on "building" another flower garden which Kevin will have to do a post on one of these days. It is slowly coming along, I just need a bit more earth in a few places and quite a few more plants, it is a work in progress but looks much better than what the area looked like before I even started.

      Yes, we can't believe how fast it has been going by. We know we are past the half way point because we are starting to get hitch itch and it is getting worse each week. We really have to stop thinking about it or it will drive us mad! ;-)


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