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Monday, July 11, 2016

Coho's first mousing experience!

For the past week, they've been forecasting rain for today. Of course at first, you don't believe them because the 7 day forecast means nothing. But as today got closer, they didn't waiver. It's going to rain, they say. The only question has been "how much rain?", as their estimates have changed daily from a half an inch to two full inches.

And sure enough, we got up this morning, and an hour later it started to rain.

It's supposed to rain from now until 7:00am tomorrow morning. So it's going to be an indoor kind of a day. That's okay. I need a haircut, so we'll get that done today for sure.

And, we had our new mosquito fogger delivered so I'll put that together up at the shop. It's a pretty fancy looking commercial size machine, and it wasn't cheap. But I expect it will last 10 or 20 years, so if you average the cost out over the years it will hopefully turn out to have been a good investment.

The mosquitoes aren't really bad right now, but they were a few weeks ago. You couldn't even walk outside without putting bug spray on. Of course that's when we decided to buy the new fogger, and it's only just shown up now. It had to be ordered up from the states, so it took a couple of weeks to get here.

All of this rain will probably hatch a new batch of them next week so we'll be ready for them!

Cat eyes.

Coho the cat is doing fine, although he's going through a stage right now where he's a bit of a pain in the butt! Wants to play all the time, and often the playing involves his teeth or claws, and our arms or legs!

Oh, and he had is first mousing experience the other day. In the niddle of the night we heard mouse noises in our bedroom. Woke us both up. Scratching noises, which we thought were coming from in between the walls. Went on for hours, and we didn't sleep the best.

In the morning, the cat was over by a shelving unit that we have in the bedroom. Wouldn't leave it alone, so Ruth took all the stuff off the lower shelf. He was sniffing in there like crazy, and Ruth poked her finger underneath and felt something that didn't feel quite right!

So we took everything off the shelving unit and moved the shelf. Sure enough, a mouse went running but the stupid cat didn't see it! She went running under the door and into the laudry room where there are lots of places to hide. Haven't seen her again since.

But, under the shelving unit were three newborn mice, obviously only just born that night. Not even a nest, or anything. Just lying there on the carpet. Almost as if it were a "I didn't even know I was pregnant" scenario!

So, although Coho didn't actually catch a mouse, he alerted us to the problem. I guess we'll keep him around for a while longer. Actually, we've found someone who will take him in the fall, and get him neutered. If he's not fixed, we don't want him back in the spring. But if he's fixed, we'll take him back. And hopefully he'll be out of the kitten stage by next year too!

We have one of these Coleman camping tables. It's been a great little table, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. And it's on sale at today. For this price, you can't go wrong. In fact, I'm pretty sure we paid more than this...

The same table is available in Canada at, but it's not quite as good of a deal!


  1. Never seen a mosquito fogger! When it's all put together I'm sure we'll get the run down on it. Coho is handsome!

    1. Kevin never got a before picture of the fogger and you will have to wait for a picture of it all put together as it has been raining steadily since yesterday morning so he didn't have his camera with him. I am sure Kevin will give a little more detail about it in another post soon.

      Yes, Coho is a handsome little dude and he is growing fast!

  2. The mosquito fogger's work pretty good, Good luck with it.
    Nice to see that Coho is beginning to earn his keep.

    1. It had better work well, they aren't cheap so you definitely want it to be effective.

      He still hasn't found the "momma" yet but we do think he will be a good mouser.

  3. Maybe Coho has yet to get the hang of it - time will tell. Kitten claws are the absolute sharpest - keep a good first aid kit handy

    1. I am glad that he at least found them for us, we certainly don't need more mice in this trailer! Yes, those claws are very sharp, my leg has been made into his personal pincushion!

  4. Coho is growing!Glad you didn't tell us what you did with the baby mice!

    1. I second that one on the baby mice.

    2. Coho has really grown in the past month, I am sure he has doubled in size!


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