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Thursday, May 19, 2016

New boots for Sherman

The last time Sherman had four new rear tires installed was in October, about five and a half years ago. Those four rear Goodyear tires have never come off since. Never had a flat, or any problems with them. Except now, they had 56,000 kms (35,000 miles) on them.

If it were just me driving it, I probably would have waited until next year to replace them. But, we want the other party of our motorhome exchange agreement to have worry free motoring, so we are making sure that Sherman is in tip top shape for them!

Ruth drove the little blue car into Swift Current (50 minutes away) following me in the motorhome. That way, we could drop the motorhome off and do our grocery shopping and running around while Sherman's tires were being installed.

Sherman, waiting for his turn.

The two front tires had been replaced about 4 years ago, but Sherman wasn't used much for a while and so they only had about 28,000 kms (19,000 miles) on them. I decided to have the shop rebalance those tires and rims and put them on the inside of the rear, so we would end up with two new front tires and two new outer rear tires.

I left the service guy with my cell phone number to call if there were any problems, or if not to call when it was ready.

We went and did a bunch of running around and before we knew it the time was close to 2:00pm ...and still no call. Hmmm.

We were headed back to that part of town anyhow, so we simply arrived to see how they were doing. 

Turns out, the job was complete. Not overly impressed that I didn't get a phone call back, but it did look like they were pretty busy. Still, you gotta look after your customers better than that. 

The price was exactly what I was quoted. $887, including taxes for the four tires, balanced and installed as well as balancing and moving around the two front tires. I looked back to October of 2010, and we had paid $900 for those four tires back then. So we're pretty happy with today's deal, despite the fact that they didn't call us when the job was done.

Sherman with his new boots. Does he look like he's smiling? I think so...

I pulled in to get some gas, and after that I checked the tire pressure. Whoa! They had each tire at 80 lbs. That's the maximum rated for those tires under full load. I usually run them at between 60 and 65 psi, so the first thing I did was to let some air out of them.

Ruth had to drop something off in Cabri, so we each took a different route to the park. I saw a mom fox with three or four little ones, but by the time I stopped and backed up to get a picture, they had all disappeared. They obviously have a den at that location, so we'll be on the lookout for them the next time we drive by there.

Ruth saw lots of pronghorn...

Back at the park, we then worked until almost 7:30pm. Seasonal campers are starting to bring their trailers in, and opening day is Friday. For the most part, we're ready for them. Hoping to get our water system running this morning. I have a feeling today is going to be a busy day around here!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention...

The park hasn't yet been able to find anybody to run the concession for this season. Never know who might be reading this, so we'll advertise it here. You get your own free full hookup campsite, as well as making your own menu and your own hours.Within reason. It's kind of expected that you'll be here Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the summer. A fully equipped kitchen is supplied, as well as ice cream machine and slushie maker. The lease is $1,700 (I think) for the season including all utilities. It's a good money maker for the right person who wants to be self employed and spend some time at a beautiful park. Contact the park at [email protected]

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  1. nice that Sherman got new tires!..where the rubber meets the road is one of the most important items!!!..looking mighty fine!!

    1. Yes, good tires certainly are an important item on a motorhome! Sherman is pretty proud of his new boots. ;-)

  2. Now, the motorhome exchange was what I was thinking of when I asked about Sherman's adventures this summer. Those of us who are Sherman followers need our fix!

    1. I think Sherman is getting pretty excited about this new adventure of his and hopefully we will be sent some pictures from along his journey that we will be able to pass along to our readers. :-)

  3. That's a fine looking Sherman! Wow, a weekend gig in the consession stand, that looks like fun!

    1. Isn't he looking spiffy?!

      When are you coming over to work it then Peter? We have an extra room and bathroom in our home that will be vacant after June 10th or so. :-)

  4. Nice to get Sherman's New boots.. We are getting 4 new ones this summer for the rear, of our coach , did the 2 front last year. Got a good price, for BFG tires made by Michelin. ours 19.5 inch tires.
    Good luck with finding a concession operator.

    1. Yes, it is nice to get some new tires for him. The others still looked pretty good but they were getting old so it is better to err on the safe side especially when someone else will be driving him.

      With 19.5" tires, your bill will be a little higher than ours.

  5. Of course the pronghorn (or any wildlife) never stand like that during hunting season.

  6. Replies
    1. With a motorhome, we look at it as a household expense or a renovation to the home. An expense that is a whole lot less than most expenses would be on a regular house. :-)


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