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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Camping the road less travelled...

An appropriate title for an article written about us by RV West Magazine. You can find it at the following link...

It's kind of fun reading about our story from another perspective. Looking back on the fact that we've been living a "different" lifestyle compared to most people our age for the last nine years or so, we wouldn't give it up for anything.

We've had a fair bit of rain over the last week, and the roads get really muddy. Wednesday is normally our day to go into town to do groceries, but of course I had gone to Regina to pick up our daughter and grandkids. Tuesday, the roads were too wet so Ruth figured she would put off her drive into town until Thursday...and then it rained most of the day Thursday as well!

But it was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, so Ruth went into town with Lindsey and Sadie to do grocery shopping, and grandson Cameron stayed here and worked with Grandpa!

And the grass in the whole park was getting long because it had been too wet to cut. Our summer employee Valine spent pretty much the whole day yesterday sitting on the mower, and actually got most of it done. The park is looking really good...everything is so green and you can almost hear the grass growing.

It wasn't all work though because Cameron and I had to spend some time at the playground too! He's getting pretty good at the monkey bars!

That was his first time getting all the way across, hence the big smile at the end!

A couple of young doves have left the nest...but they're not flying yet.

Dinner is ready. And Sadie is ready for dinner!

Yummy...baked chicken drumstricks, rice, and veggies.

Cameron, Lindsey, and Sadie.

A fantastic deal on a highly rated camping hammock. Weighs only 13 oz!


  1. That's a great article on you two! Thank's for the inspiration and the blog.

    1. Thank you Jeff! We are happiest when we know we can inspire others just like how we were inspire by those before us. :-)

  2. Nice article - you did it your way!

  3. Great article on you two! I have shared it on Facebook as your blog has been one of our main inspirations to embark on the full-time RV lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your lives and travels with us!

    1. Thanks so much Emily! We are so happy to hear that we were your inspiration to start on your own full time adventure, looks like you are really enjoying it so far. :-)

  4. Great article, and an amazing lifestyle us fulltimers live.
    Having fun with the grands is so rewarding too.

    1. Thanks George, yep full timing is a wonderful life for sure.

      We are having so much fun with both Cameron and Sadie, and they are loving their time here.

  5. Wonderful article. Congratulations.
    I can't get over how big Cameron and Sandie are getting.

    1. Thank you Paul and Marsha!

      Yes, Cameron and Sadie are growing a mile a minute it seems.


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