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Friday, November 22, 2013

Swakopmund to Sesriem, Namibia

It was going on 9:00am by the time we left our site at Swakopmund. Again, we had a long drive ahead of us with most of it on dirt roads.

One thing we've learned about driving around Namibia is that there can be long stretches of nothingness in between worthwhile attractions!

Here is one such stretch...

Miles of nothing.

But then you'll come upon a neat rock formation or something that's worth a stop. This one is called "Vogelfederberg"!

Sometimes, you need to stop for other reasons!

This section is all in Namib Naukluft National Park. While the main road goes through the park, you need a permit to drive off road into the park. It's easy to get a permit, you just have to go to the NWR office in Swakopmund. They are the ones who administer the permits for the parks.

Here we are at Kriess Rus Viewpoint. Yes, we have our Tilley hats on protecting us from the hot desert sun!

More nothingness. But, if you look closely, there is a rare sight! Another car is coming our way!

The mountains in the distance are where we are coming up to a mountain pass. It's actually a valley pass where the road goes through the bottom of a canyon and a riverbed and then back up. It's really interesting scenery and a nice break to the desert road.

Heading down Kuiseb Pass down to the bottom of the canyon. Notice our road in the distance!

Passed the bottom of the canyon.

Shortly after that, we come to another pass. This one is called Gaub Pass.

And, coming up the other side.

There was only one small town along yesterday's route. The town of Solitaire. This little town seems to exist solely as a rest stop for tourist vehicles coming through the area. But, it is an interesting little town!

Welcome to Solitaire! Population 92.

This little town could be along some dirt road in the old American west! A gas station, a general store, and a few tourist type restaurants. And a small lodge and campground. Interesting place to stop for an hour or a day.

Solitaire, Namibia

Like everywhere else in Namibia, Solitaire hasn't been getting much in the way of precipitation!

We pulled into our campsite at Sesriem. It's actually called "Sesriem Campsite" and it's an NWR (Namibia Wildlife Resorts) property. One of our prettiest campsites yet, with a great view and well spaced from the other campers.

What a great campsite!

We saw springbok and ostrich and oryx, right from our site! One of our facebook fans asked if we are ever in danger from wild animals. I explained that there is no danger. It turns out that African wild animals are no different than North American wild animals. You know how we have bears and cougars in North America, yet people still go camping in the wild? Same thing here! In Etosha National Park, the camping area is fenced, although it's not much of a fence. 

An oryx in our backyard!

Fantastic view from our campsite!

Yesterday's drive, 346 kms (214 miles).

At some point, we will include maps of our driving days prior to this. As you know, our internet access has been sporadic, and a little expensive. But when we get to a location where we can rest and relax and  with good internet we will update things a little better and answer all of your blog comments! We do read each and every one of them and we love hearing from everybody!


  1. To think, just a few months ago you were dealing with the high water in Saskatchewan, and here you are, nary a drop in sight. Cwazy!

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying this journey vicariously with you. I am hoping to take a trip there in about a year or so. Despite sharing a border with South Africa (my home) I have not been to Namibia since I was a teenager.

  3. Keep it up!! What a great adventure and I enjoy following your journey!

  4. I am enjoying your travels, especially the animals, scenery and seeing what campsites look like in other countries.

  5. Definitely long stretches of nothingness. But the surprises along the way are so worth it.

  6. This trip keeps getting better and better. What a neat sight in your backyard! I guess those long stretches of nothingness gives you a chance to rest your eyes from all the incredible things you've been seeing. :c)

  7. Solitaire - what a neat name for that town! Love the trip so far - it is amaZing!!!!!!
    Connie in PA

  8. Just moving right along and we are enjoying the trip with you.

  9. I was thinking the same thing as Bob, too bad you couldn't move all that saskatchewan water over to Africa with you!
    Looks very warm there.

  10. I like desert, I could wander around in the sands forever. The night skies must be incredible.


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