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Friday, November 1, 2013

We scored Letterman tickets!

And so we better tell you how we did it in case you want to get tickets on your next visit to New York City!

We'll be going to the show on Tuesday November 5th. They don't make it easy to get tickets, and there's a bit of luck involved but we're proof that things can come together if the stars line up the right way. And hopefully we'll be seeing a star or two...we don't know what the guest lineup is for that night's show yet!

I applied for the tickets when we were still in Saskatchewan. In fact, it was only a day or two after we had our flight confirmed so that I knew for sure what days we were going to be in New York City and available for a show. They don't tape shows every single day, sometimes they'll tape two shows on one day and the second show will air the following night.

Here's the link to apply for tickets online...

You have to fill out the form in it's entirety and two of the blank spaces are for telephone numbers. Of course we don't have a home phone, and of course we're a bit strange...we don't have a cell phone either! So we put down Ruth's father's phone number, knowing that we were going to be staying there for a couple of weeks in September.

But we never got a call while we were there.

Yesterday morning, Ruth's father called us here in Nova Scotia to say that we had a phone message from John at the Letterman show! They actually left a message for us!

We called the number back right away and an answering machine came on telling us to leave our name and number and we did. We waited until about 4:00pm our time (3:00pm in NYC) and still no call. So I called back again and got a real person this time!

John confirmed that we were able to attend the afternoon taping of the show on Tuesday November 5th. He said we needed to be available from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. He told us all the details and said that when we pick up tickets we need to be enthusiastic and tell them that we are "on John's Gold List".

Then, he said I needed to answer a trivia question about the show.

Uh oh.

Now, we've watched the Letterman show before, but not for quite a few years!

And, he said that that I was not allowed any help, and that I wasn't allowed to look it up!

The Letterman tickets trivia question was..."You probably know that David's musical sidekick on the show is Paul Shaffer. Can you tell us what musical instrument Paul Shaffer plays?"

Hmm. I first said that trumpet came to mind. But I knew right away that was from the Carson show! Then it came to me...I remembered that Paul Shaffer plays the piano!

And we were in. Two tickets to the Late Show with David Letterman!

The Late Show with David Letterman Unisex T-Shirt

I've done some research and it seems that your enthusiasm when you pick up the tickets may have some relevance to where you're seated in the show. I guess we'll have to wear something noticeable so that you can pick us out of the crowd during any shots of the audience!

Don't know who the guests are yet, but of course we're hoping it's someone recognizably famous! Last night they had Harrison Ford, and on Monday they're having David Ortiz from the World Series champion Red Sox. But nothing yet on who Tuesday night's guest will be.

Stay tuned, we'll update you as we know!

We're pretty excited...tomorrow we fly to the Big Apple!


  1. Well congratulations! That show is on way too late for us old folks, but we will be thinking of you that day. Maybe you two will be discovered...might be the beginning of a grand new career.

  2. Maybe he'll do the Top Ten Reasons why you should go to Africa! ;c)

  3. You two are just amazing. I can't believe they left a message. How cool is that!

  4. Congratulations on getting tickets for the show, I am sure you will be enthusiastic.

  5. I don't stay up that late but have a great time and I'll read about it when you post.

  6. I'll be staying up late to watch! I was at a taping of the Jenny Jones show a long time ago in Chicago - it was a circus to say the least. Enjoy the show!

  7. Sounds like fun. I watch almost every night so will make sure to watch for you.Have fun!

  8. What fun that'll be. And, if Letterman finds out about the life you two lead, he'll surely want to know more. Hmmmm. Have fun on TV and we'll be anxious to know what occurs! Photos!!!!!

  9. I got tickets for Jay Leno one time in LA (pretty easy to get those, we only asked that morning) and James Belushi was on that show. It was very cool. Can't wait to hear about your experience!

  10. I agree with Mary Pat, maybe there's someway they can interview you...too bad there isnt a website for suggestions we could send them a copy of your blog :-)

  11. Years ago we snagged tickets to a couple of Red Green Show tapings. It was hilarious and fascinating. Afterward our faces ached from laughing so hard. Hope you 'suffer' a similar fate! :)

  12. Congratulations!
    Shaffer is not only the keyboard player, born in Thunder Bay, went to U of T, but in addition to his music degree, has a degree in Sociology of all things.

  13. I'll set my PVR to tape it in case you end up being in the front row!!!

  14. That's great - we'll be watching - love Letterman!

  15. Howdy R&K,
    SO?? What's the big deal about a foul-mouthed dirty-minded old man who thinks he's funny??? We don't have TV and people like him are why !!! Have a good time in NYC, but be careful of people covering their faces or wearing boxes on their heads

  16. Hope the experience is all you hope it will be. After a few times in NYC with these types of things we decided it just wasn't worth the hassle. However it may be just be perfect for you. good luck with the adventure.

  17. You need to get someone to record the show so it can be watched by others at a later date!

  18. P.S., my post went through via Explorer instead of Mozilla.


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