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Friday, November 29, 2013

4 Wheel Drive Required at Fish River Canyon!

We have this nice Nissan 4x4 from Namibia Car Rental. And we've had to put it in 4 wheel drive mode twice since we've been here. Once was on a sand road at Sossusvlei, and the only other time was when we almost got stuck in our campsite at Waterburg Plateau.

So when we saw a 10 km (6.2 mile) road at Fish River Canyon that said "4x4 only"...we went for it!

Fish River Canyon is Namibia's answer to the American Grand Canyon.

Namibia's Fish River Canyon.

Fish River Canyon is actually Africa's largest canyon. And even though it's smaller than the U.S. Grand Canyon, it's still very impressive.

Especially when you're pretty much the only ones there!

There is a hiking trail running the 80 km (50 mile) length of the canyon floor. But at this time of year it's simply too hot to do the hike. In fact, ever since an unprepared tourist died in 2001, the canyon hike is strictly off limits at certain times of the year. And even when the temperature is more conducive to canyon hiking, you require a permit and a doctor's certificate!

They say that the trail down to the bottom is the most difficult part of the hike!

Ruth, at the edge of the canyon.

At Fish River Canyon, Namibia.

In actual fact we saw perhaps 10 or 12 other vehicles on the 20 km or so drive above the canyon. The last 10 kms (6.2 miles) are for 4 wheel drive only and there were two other vehicles on that section. So we did almost have it to ourselves.

Careful that you don't hit the gas instead of the brake!!!


Can you see our tiny truck???

While I was off getting pictures of the canyon, Ruth sat at the edge getting pictures of the canyon wildlife...

You lookin' at something?

Glad we had a 4x4 in order to do this section.

Drive slooooowly...

Don't jump!

We were at the Canyon for over four hours yesterday. Again, it was a baking hot day but we have air conditioning in our truck so we were pretty comfortable during the drive. We did get out and do a little walking to see the fantastic viewpoints, but mostly drove the upper rim. You have to pay for a park pass for this area, so it was a total of N$170 ($18.36) for the two of us and our vehicle permit.

Great experience, and a worthwhile drive on some dusty roads to get there!


  1. Crikey! Don't get too close to the edge there kids!

    1. Lol, guess the bungee jumping has given us more courage than we had before!

  2. wow that is phenomenal. not always easy to tell in pics, is it fairly uniform in color? any reds yellow etc? our grand canyon is one of my fav places

    1. Yes, you are right the pictures don't do it justice, just like the Grand Canyon. Fish River Canyon doesn't have as many colors but there were definitely hues mixed in there.

  3. I can tell it must be hot by how skimpy your clothing is getting. ;c)

    Nice little truck you have there, 4WD is a handy option.

  4. Namibia's Fish River Canyon is very impressive!! :)

    1. It is very impressive. We loved it here but we were disappointed that we could not hike below the rim, even for a short hike. We would love to have been able to go down and seen it from below, looking up.

  5. Looks like more awesome scenery, but no canyons for me, no where near the edge.

  6. Incredible photos. Amazing country. We're SO enjoying being cyber companions on your trip! Thanks for letting us tag along. :)


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