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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beautiful day in Marquette, Michigan!

When I had been doing some research about the places we were planning on stopping along this road trip, one of the things I found was that Marquette, Michigan was voted #1 on CNNMoney's list of the top 25 places to retire in the United States.

We went exploring yesterday, on a beautiful blue sky day, and we found out that Marquette (pop 22,000) is a nice little town!

We actually slept in yesterday morning. Didn't get up until almost 8:30am, which is unheard of for us. We can't be making a habit out of that. You know what they say, there'll be lots of time for sleep when you're dead!

Downtown Marquette. Pretty quiet, even at 11:00am.

We had been told about a used sporting goods store that specializes in camping, hiking, and rock climbing. They were supposed to have used activewear as well, and Ruth was looking for a pair of lightweight pants with the zippered legs that turn into shorts. We found the store, but it didn't open until noon, so we continued on with our walk and a plan to return later.

Nice marina and park down at the Marquette waterfront. The bell is the original fire bell dating back to 1882.

Marquette, Michigan.

We walked out on the breakwater to get a better picture looking back at the town. The lighthouse in the background of this picture is being refurbished.

Looking back at Marquette.

 On the left of the picture above is one of the area's iron ore docks where taconite pellets were loaded onto freighter ships. This dock was taken out of service in 1971, but there is another dock near Presque Isle that is still in service and loading ships daily. Taconite pellets are shipped to the Algoma steel mills in Sault. Ste. Marie.

Marquette has a beautiful sand beach close to downtown.

Ruth found this pretty turquoise rock on the shore. Anybody know what it is??

Looking across the bay at Presque Isle and the operating iron ore dock.

We walked back into town and to the Switchback used sporting goods store. They didn't have the pants Ruth was looking for, but she found a travel skirt made by ExOfficio. Lightweight, pockets, and easy to wash and dry when you're traveling. These skirts cost between $50 and $80 new, but Ruth got this one for $25! Sorry, no picture yet. 

We continued back through town and looked at some of the buildings. The courthouse has some interesting stories...

Read the sign!

The stained glass skylight in the courtroom.

Then we went back to Joy's house and had some lunch and a break. Lots of walking! We decided to drive over to the park at Presque Isle and do the circular drive around the park. 

The shoreline at Presque Isle Park.

Kevin, having fun.

The water is crystal clear!

It's a pretty spot and fun to climb on the rocks.

Enjoying our day.

After that, we went and did some grocery shopping. Picked up the goods to make a chicken stir fry for Joy and her daughter and us for dinner. Turned out delicious, and we have enough left over for lunch today. Wonder if it tastes as good cold?? I guess we'll find out!

Heading off across the Mackinaw Bridge today...should be a nice drive, but it's currently a little overcast out.


  1. What a beautiful area. I love that clear water.

  2. Gotta love that area and the great fall weather you are having.

  3. Great place to retire if you like long, cold winters and snow! Not for me! ;c)

  4. My motto is: Anything good for dinner is better for breakfast! Seriously, I'm sure if Ruth made it it's fantastic!

  5. Wow, another perfect little town. Nice find.

  6. yep we really enjoyed the town of Marquette...

  7. Could possibly be Jade that Ruth is holding??? Beautiful area you are in.


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