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Saturday, April 1, 2023

A visit to the police in Seville

I had read that the motorhome parking area in Seville can get really busy. So we got an early start, hoping to arrive there before noon to give us the best chance to secure a spot. The one we stayed at when we were here in 2017 is now closed, so this is a different spot. 

A little further from the central area, but still walking distance.

Here are a few pics from the drive...

A little morning fog trying to burn off.

Entering Seville, we are about to go over that bridge.

And there's the place we are going to be parked up!

Yikes. What a mess. And we missed the turn off to get into the place and had do do a 5 km (3 mile) detour to get back to it! 

At €14 ($20.50 CAD, $15.25 USD) per night, this place is not our style at all. However it has one thing going for it. It's only a 25 minute walk to the central part of Seville.

But, we got ourselves parked up in a decent spot with a little bit of space between our neighbors. As I was getting things set up, a guy across from us came over to say hello.

"Are you guys from Canada?" he asked.

Max has a Canada flag sticker under his license plate.

We had put these stickers on because we had a lot of Germans coming up to us assuming that we spoke German, and we figured that the Canada flag might put a stop to that. It's also a bit of a conversation starter, as was the case this time.

So we met Ben and Lucy from Calgary. Their motorhome has Polish license plates since they have dual citizenship with Poland. We had a little conversation, and made a plan to get together again later in the day.

We had some lunch and then set off to the National Police station. Coincidentally, it was only a half hour walk from the motorhome parking.

Remember we told you about extending our time in Spain past the Schengen visa allowed time? Well, we need to get this done at the National Police (they are also in charge of border crossings) or the Immigration office.

So we found the building, but the girl at the reception booth didn't speak much English. So it was a test of my Spanish skills to explain about the visa waiver agreement between Canada and Spain, but I managed to get the point across. And surprisingly, she seemed to know what I was talking about.

She got on the phone and the person we needed to see wasn't answering. But then, it probably wasn't ideal timing on our part to do this on a Friday afternoon. Anyhow, we don't have to get this done until April 14th at the latest, so we decided to hold off and try again in Cordoba, and if not there, then Madrid.

From there, we walked to the Triana neighborhood in Seville.

Lots of people out enjoying the day.

Lots of beautiful architecture.

Bridge over the Guadalquivir River.

The Guadalquivir is the only navigable river in Spain.

Tour boats and rowers.

And pirate ships.

Looking across the river.

Scenery along the way.

We walked beside the river for a while, then headed over to the fantastic Plaza de Espana. 

This has to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

Ruth and the fountain.

Lots of horse and carriages and four wheel bicycle rentals.

Or, you can rent a little row boat.

Pictures don't really do it justice because you can't fit the whole thing into one photo!

From there, we walked across the river again, and back to Max.

This small cruise ship looked too big to make it up here on that river!

There is a big fair taking place here at the end of April.
This is a temporary structure!

Our feet were tired by the time we got back! No idea how far we walked, but it was the first time doing that kind of distance in sandals in quite some time. We'll be going out again today, but not in sandals!

We sat out in the evening with Ben and Lucy and got to know each other. They think very much like we do, and we have a lot in common. In fact, we're going to go out and do some more exploring with them today! Lots to see in Seville, and as far as cities go, we kind of like it!

HOT DEAL on Coleman's 15' x 13' Screened Canopy Tent. Summer is coming, and so are the bugs.

And in Canada...


  1. I can see why you like Seville - it's certainly an attractive-looking city.

    1. Even with this being our third visit here it is still nice to wander around and just enjoy the views, the architecture and the ambiance of the city.

  2. I bet you did quite well with your Spanish! In Spain you can brush up.

    1. I wouldn't say quite well but we did well enough that we could convey what we were wanting and have her understand us. We are looking forward to practicing our Spanish and hopefully improving it more. :-)


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