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Friday, May 24, 2019

Singapore at night

This is the second blog post of the day! If you missed the first one, you can read it here...

Friday evening, we went to the light shows at Marina Bay. There are two of them... one behind the Sands hotel at the "Supertrees", and one in front of the Sands hotel in the bay itself.

We went to the Supertree Grove display first. The show starts at 7:45pm and runs for about 15 minutes. The best place to see it is at the Skyway below the Supertrees. But, you have to pay to do that and we're glad we didn't. Instead, we stood on the overlook walkway behind the hotel which is free.

There is a cruise ship in town.

Not the most exciting, to be honest. Agreed, that it would have been better on the Skyway where you could hear the music properly. But still, it got old after about five minutes. Here's a video to give you a better idea...

The Big Wheel lit up.

We actually left the Supertrees show a few minutes early so that we could see the Marina Bay show on the other side of the hotel complex which starts at 8:00pm. We probably missed the first five minutes, but the next show didn't start until 9:00pm and we hadn't had any dinner yet!

They call it the Spectra Light and Water Show. We would highly recommend this one over the other one.

Very cool laser show!

Again, I took a video for you to give you a better idea.

This show, again for free... was really worth it! Amazingly done with some of the lights and water effects almost looking like fireworks!

After the show, we walked into the financial district to the old Chinatown, but we didn't get very far. We found a huge food court called the Telok Ayer Market.

Inexpensive food, and lots of it. We ended up with a Pad Thai, for $5.50 SGD ($5.35 CAD, $4.00 USD).

Delicious Pad Thai... we were stuffed!

The busy food court.

Lots of different local cuisine... you could even have pig organ soup, if you wished!

The Telok Ayer market.

We just didn't have any more ambition to walk the old Chinatown at night. The heat and humidity takes a lot out of you. You don't even get much of a break at night. Sure, the sun is down... but the overnight low is still 28C (82F).

It is early Saturday morning as I write this. We were contacted by a blog reader here in Singapore who has offered to pick us up and show us the less touristy side of Singapore this morning. So we are totally looking forward to that because we didn't think we would have time during this too short visit.

Then, they are dropping us at the airport for our afternoon flight! Next blog post will come to you from Bali, Indonesia!

Oh, I promised you some info about our AirBnb here in Singapore.

The outside of the building. 
We are actually in that apartment that has been built onto the roof!

Kitchen, with clothes washer/dryer.

Decent bathroom.

Basic cooking supplies.

Bedroom/living area.

For our three nights this has been fine... nothing special though for the price. It's $100 a night or so, but you have to remember that accommodation in Singapore is pricey. This bachelor/studio apartment would probably rent for about $1,800 a month here.

Here's our popular DEIK 8" Chef's Knife deal back again. Take 60% off using coupon code PS3MYUBA at checkout. 

And in Canada...


  1. Hope you leave your Airbnb host a good review. They need it! I love Airbnb :)

    1. We leave good reviews when they deserve it. :-) Not because they need it! This one has been fine.

  2. You have changed my view on visiting Singapore. I had a negative view before. I look forward to hearing what your blog reader will show you. It is nice when blog readers can have a chance to do you a favour in appreciation of how much we enjoy your blog.

    1. We were very impressed with Singapore, it was even more than we expected. We thought that our two and a half days there would be enough time but we were totally wrong. There is definitely a lot more there than we ever expected. We will be back for another visit, I am sure!

      We have a very interesting morning with Han and his wife, lots to talk about that is for sure. We were very fortunate to spend a wonderful morning with them. :-)

  3. Thanks for all the beautiful photos as always. That is one of the best cruise ship pics I have ever seen! :)

    I think IF I ever get there, I would go to both the water show and the supertrees show. I have seen lots of water show videos on YouTube and most of them are spectacular. I think the supertrees are pretty cool too and I love the fact that they actually serve a purpose!

    1. So glad that you enjoyed our photos!

      The water and light show was certainly a highlight, and we enjoyed the Supertrees light show as well but not nearly as much as the other one.

  4. We enjoyed the city jungle walk and felt we were in another world. Agree the gardens of the bay lights go on a bit long but we stood below and could hear the music perfectly well. Next time hover by the lifts in Marina Bay sands and slide in with someone who is going up to the top floor for a view above the terrace and where the swimming pools are.

    1. Someone else had mentioned that, maybe next time we are in Singapore we might do the jungle walk, sounds like it is worth it.

      I had thought of doing that but I wasn't sure if once you got up there whether they checked to see if you paid. apparently now they still charge you to go up to the swimming pool area but the charge is then a credit towards drinks or food. One alcohol drink is $23, not sure that is any better.

  5. Replies
    1. It was, and we really enjoyed both shows.

  6. Thanks for the videos of the wonderful light and water shows. Nice to see the supertrees lit up! your photos sure showed much more of Singapore than I have seen in other posts.

    1. You are welcome, so glad that you enjoyed them.

      Singapore is definitely full of surprises, and there is a lot to see here. I hope that we did justice to Singapore.


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