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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Manotick (Ottawa), Ontario. Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Greenwich, Nova Scotia, Canada on October 3rd.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Cold start to May

Yesterday, May 1st, the high reached 4C (39F). With sleet, freezing rain, and some snow flakes. Definitely an abnormal start to the month up here in Ottawa, Canada. Still, we managed to get out for a hike in the morning with Bob and Denise (they were on the last Mexico RV trip with us) before the precipitation started.

They arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and it was actually quite a nice day.

The sun even came out for a while! So we set off for a walk. The area where the road is washed out is still not passable... not even on foot. However, we built ourselves a bit of a bridge with some big rocks, and were able to get through without getting our feet too wet!

Part way across!

Helping Bob across.

That way, we were able to do the route that we call "the Rabbit Path", which is about a 5km (3 mile) walk.

Happy hour!

Lots of laughs having happy hour together, and lots of discussion about Mexico. If we do another trip next year, Bob and Denise will be coming with us again!

We had a nice dinner together and then we all drank a little too much wine. Oh well... we've been doing pretty good in that department.

Yesterday, we took them out in the cold down to the Morris Island Conservation area. It's a nice walk near the Ottawa River, about a 6.5 km (4 mile) walk.

Out for a hike at Morris Island.
Yes, we needed hats and mitts!

The ice is all gone... in most places. 
There was still some in the heavily shaded areas.

After the hike, they headed back home. They live about an hour south of Ottawa in Ingleside, Ontario. We said our goodbyes and look forward to seeing each other again when we return in the August/September time period.

Then we drove down to our son and his girlfriend's place for dinner and a game of cards.

Group selfie!
Alex, C.J., Ruth, and me!

Nice price drop on this Large Camco Step Stool.

And in Canada...


  1. Looks like you had an Enjoyable day with Friends and Family.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. Looks like you made some lifelong friends. And lots of family time! I am so glad the cold weather is staying away from us on Vancouver Island (my strawberries are blooming!)

    1. Yes, we did! It really helps when you have lots in commonw.

      We wish the cold and wet weather would stay away from here as well. Nice that you have strawberries in bloom. :-)

  3. Glad we met Bob and Denise. I hope they come back to Mexico. Looks like it was a fun day.

    1. It is pretty much guaranteed that they will be back to Mexico and hopefully we will all be able to meet up once again. :-)

  4. Our May started out much the same. Cold with 5"s of snow, we certainly don't need that in May!

    1. At least we didn't get the 5 inches of snow! Hopefully that snow has disappeared already.

      They say we are supposed to have a nice weekends so we will keep our fingers crossed that we do.


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