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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Movie tracking apps

We don't watch television, but we do watch movies. So when we're traveling both by air and in the motorhome, we always have a selection of movies on the laptop. But sometimes when I'm looking for movies to watch I can't remember if we've seen it or not!

I finally downloaded a movie watching app onto the smartphone. Not to watch movies with... but to keep track of the movies we've watched.

There are a few different ones available, but I did some quick research and ended up choosing this one...


I like it because it doesn't require you to keep an account. The downside to that is that if anything happens to your phone, you might lose all of your data!

It seems to work pretty well. Going to take some time to try to load up the ones that I can remember that we've watched over the years! But at least we can start using it now to record the fact that we've watched them as we do and maybe ten years from now it will be a helpful app!

There's another one that I'm going to look at though. It's already out for iPhone, but the Android version comes out on the 29th of this month...


Are you using any kind of program to keep track of which movies you've watched?

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  1. I figure if you can't remember whether or not you've seen a movie, why not enjoy it again?

    1. Yes and no to that! If it was a good movie then yes, we wouldn't mind seeing it again and we do that sometimes. No, if it was a bad movie because we download these movies we don't want to waste time and space (computer wise) downloading a movie that wasn't good. Plus there are so many movies out there that we haven't seen, we would rather see something new.

  2. Several years ago I started keeping track of books I have read listed under author.

    1. I bet there is an app for that as well, not that you have a cell phone! ;-)


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