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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why not do it now...?

I saw a blurb on facebook that said the Quebec couple who stopped in here back in early May while on a long distance canoe trip were interviewed on television in Winnipeg yesterday.

Pierre and Jennifer, along with their dog Jasmine, had been here at the park for a night and they were an interesting couple to talk to. In fact, we found we had a lot in common with them. Well, other than the fact that we don't do long distance canoe trips!

But the message that they send is one that we can totally relate to. And when we watched the news interview, a lot of what they said makes sense to us...

You can watch the interview here...

And our other long distance canoeing friends Mike Ranta along with photographer David Jackson have crossed into Manitoba and are about to take on the challenges of Lake Winnipeg.

There is no easy direct route when you are canoeing across Canada!

In other news, the park ordered a new swim raft. It's huge, at 16 x 16 feet! I'm positive everybody will enjoy it when we get it in the water. 

It's quite the job just to put it together. It arrived in two sections of 8 x 16 feet. And it's heavy! You have to put it together upside down and it took some thinking as to how the best way was to do this and get it in the water right side up, but I think we've got it figured out. Then, we found that the holes don't line up to the floatation buoys, and it's missing some of the hardware to bolt it together! Arrggh. We're going into town today, so I'll pick up what we need.

And time is wasting... too much to do, so gotta go!

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  1. Isn't it funny how you can spend so much money and they still don't ship you all the right parts!

  2. Just my two cents and that's pretty much what it's worth. I like adventure, but I also like to be comfortable. That said, if you're Canadian there are certain benefits that allow you to be a bit more carefree and social healthcare and old age pension are two of them. I don't know if there are others.

    I'm not much for sleeping on the ground and at the same time I wouldn't be interested in a cruise or a guided tour. I prefer to be on my own. We have given some thought to tent camping but it would have to be with all the accoutrement; folding cots with cushion, chairs, table, lamp, almost like rving but with canvas. I'm not much into bugs either although I consider myself a trouper.

    Finances are another issue. I'm sure you guys didn't just sell everything and said to heck with the future. I believe that you are into finance and invest wisely. So the big question always is, what is a good amount to have in the bank or access to. Also, if I am not mistaken, included in Canadian healthcare is nursing care. You can't live on the street when you're 80.

    For us, we find a place in the middle is best. By that I mean, we don't need to throw the baby out with the bath water. No doubt, we are a bit greedy and that has delayed us a bit. Who knows, I could live to 65 or 105. In Mexico or the U.S., it takes money. Until euthanasia is an option (kind of an oxymoron, right?) we'll have to work and travel and make a mix of it. Also, because of our situation, we have discovered we have a hard time finding paid workcamping positions.

    Sorry for the long post but it is an interesting topic.

    1. Chris, what these guys are doing is even a little too much adventure for us! We don't mind sleeping in tents and we don't even have to have all the accouterments but we do have to have a good sleeping bag and mattress, even then we couldn't do what they are doing. The cold would be a no go for us to begin with and they are roughing it even more than we would be willing to do. I am glad that they are doing it though and from talking to them, they are loving it! :-)

      As for selling everything we did pretty much sell it all and by living frugally and simply we know that we don't require much if and when we ever get back to living a "normal" life and this is more or less how Pierre and Jennifer feel.

      Yes, as Canadians we do have certain benefits that are a big help but having said that chances are that when we settle down in most likely won't be in Canada.


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