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Monday, November 21, 2016

The things we do to get to a waterfall...

On the road at 9:15am yesterday. Not bad.

We're on the edge of Apuseni National Park, and it's not easy driving. We didn't have a long distance to drive, only about 85 kms (53 miles), but I figured that's at least a two hour drive on these roads. Plus, we needed to stop and take photos along the way!

The weather gods are still with sky and sunshine!

Typical rural farm in Romania.

Gotta watch for obstacles on the road!

And, gotta watch the road itself.

Love the beautiful countryside.

And the little villages.

It was a Sunday, and we learned that all of these little villages seem to have some kind of a market that takes place on Sundays after church. People set up tables and sell whatever it is that they have to sell. Sort of like a big garage sale, but with fruits and veggies too!

Sunday market in one town.

And another.

Arrived at our destination at 12 noon. So, it took two and a half hours to do 84 kms (53 miles). Here's our route...

Yesterday's drive...84 kms (53 miles)

There are all kinds of rental cabins, pensions, and guest houses up here. Really busy area in the summer, but not so much at this time of year. I found this guest house online, and noticed they had a special fall price of 75 lei ($25 CAD, $18.50 USD) per night if you stay for two nights.

The guy who owns the place speaks quite good English, and he's friendly and helpful...but, we can't make our own meals. However, his wife cooks for their guests. We explained the gluten free situation, and he said they can work with that. 

The guest house where we're staying.

Our room!

The view from our balcony.

He sat down with us and a map and showed us some of the local things to see and do in the area. We got ourselves settled and had some lunch, so it was almost 2pm when we headed out to a nearby waterfall.

The top sign says 3 kms. The bottom one says 3.5 kms. Turned out to be 3.7 kms based on our GPS.

We could have drove part of the way, but I'm glad we didn't!

No snow when we set out.

So where did all this snow come from? Good thing we are Canadian!

3.7 kms (2.3 miles) one way to the waterfall. And with a few obstacles and streams to cross. It better be a good waterfall, because look at the things we had to do to get to it...(turn up your volume)

Yikes. But, we made it no problem!

Hiking in the snow.


We made it!

The return trip went no problem, and we enjoyed the 7.4 km (4.6 mile) hike. It took us one hour and fifty minutes start to finish.

Back at the guest house, we relaxed for an hour and then had some supper. We were served pork soup and then local fish with polenta. Price was 65 lei, ($21.50 CAD, $16 USD) for the two of us.

Time for soup!

Dinner is served!

Yep...we try to!


And in Canada...


  1. You both did so well crossing that river, I'm not sure I would of attempted it. Could of got 3 foot of air lol

    1. Lol, I thought of you when we were crossing the river! We actually had to cross the river in three different places. The first was with Kevin crossing and it was relatively easy, the second one was me crossing and it was the one that was the most difficult, Kevin didn't even do it, he found some rocks and a board that he could cross over on and that is how we crossed when we returned from the waterfall. The third one was very easy.

  2. That water looked a bit too cold for my liking :)

    1. It was too cold for our liking as well, that's why we crossed over very carefully! :-)

  3. We held our breath on the videos! Good job!! That was a busy day and we enjoyed seeing the countryside and farmland. What crops do they grow? B&C

    1. The hardest one to cross was the one that Kevin filmed of me crossing. He decided to fine and alternative route across. ;-)

      They grow lots of corn! I also saw some kind of bean that was growing as well, perhaps soybeans but not sure. We have also seen lots of pumpkin/squash not growing in the fields but just lots around so I expect that they grow a fair bit of it. Not really sure what other crops they grow though.

  4. Looks like some wonderful country side there, glad you are enjoying it.

    1. The countryside and little villages are very picturesque.

  5. Boy I don't see how you crossed that river holding the camera in your hand. Have you thought about working as tightwalker for the circus? Beautiful waterfall and worth the hike for sure but I'm not sure about that crossing. Hmmmmm about the eyes of that fish staring up at me from my plate.

    1. The picture Kevin took crossing over the stream the first time was actually not too difficult as you could use both logs to walk across on. The second time we had to cross the stream was the hardest, that was the one of me crossing it. Kevin decided that we wasn't going to attempt that one and found an alternative place to cross. When we returned back from the waterfall we used his route, which ended up being much safer and quicker. Yes, the waterfall was worth the hike, it would be nice to see in the summer with all the leaves out.

      The fish was tasty but we would prefer fillets rather than the whole fish!

  6. Yokes! We would have made a u-turn! All I could think of was breaking a leg. Dinner looks excellent. So does the countryside.

    1. That's what Kevin was thinking as I was crossing the stream on the second "log bridge", the other two "bridges" were easy. If it had been summer we would have just crossed the stream in bare feet or even even just in our hikers but at this time of year the water would have been way too cold. Glad that Kevin found and easier and safer way to cross the stream, when we returned back from the hike we used his route instead.

      Dinner was excellent! Their soups here in Romania are all made from scratch and are totally delicious, we are addicted to them.

  7. Hmmm....I am sure the hike itself was enjoyable but I think I would have been disappointed at the waterfall after making such an effort to get there. How was the dinner?
    (lone grey squirrel)

    1. The pictures don't really do the waterfall justice, it was a pretty waterfall and we weren't expecting anything that was huge. We thought the hike was worth it, plus we just like to hike so having something to see just makes it better.

      Dinner was delicious. The soups here are excellent and so tasty.

  8. This totally looks like one of the crazy things we would do! Great job getting across without slipping. :-) One question: I've noticed that Ruth usually carries a fairly sizeable backpack on hikes. What's in it? I hope it's not as heavy as it looks!

    1. Glad to hear that we aren't the only crazy ones then! ;-)

      The backpack that I carry really isn't as big as it looks. We have one that is bigger for very long hikes. It depends on how far we are going and what the weather is like as to what is in it. There is always either one or two bottles of water, a snack like peanuts and some fruit if it is a longer hike then some lunch. Hats and mitts if we need them, sometimes an extra light jacket or sweater, small binoculars, some toilet paper and a small plastic bag for garbage, normally a small first aid kit but I forgot to bring it with us on this trip and Kevin's EpiPen. It may sound like a lot but really it isn't much and as I mentioned it isn't as much on a shorter hike. It's not very heavy.

    2. You are definitely prepared for everything! :)

    3. You need to be here at this time of year! Plus when we hike sometimes we are gone longer than we expect to be so it is nice to have some snacks and the extra water has helped us out more than once.

  9. Wow that road is crazy looking but the drive and views of the countryside looks well worth it. Romania seems like a really fascinating place to visit.

    1. It seems that most of the roads that we have traveled on seem to be narrow and twisty windy but then we tend to stay off the more major highways if we can. There are also lots of mountains and big hills here so it is hard to find many straight roads.

      We are really enjoying our time in Romania and as usual there seems to be too much to see and not enough time to see everything that we want to see.


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