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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania .

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Is it okay if we park here for the night?

The sunshine finally returned to Saskatchewan. Clear blue skies for our driving day yesterday, along with a really strong wind! And it was mostly a tailwind. Sherman loves being pushed along by the wind.

We had breakfast with Phil and Wendy (thanks again guys!) and then pulled into the Walmart to pick up a few things. We had bought one life jacket on clearance for $14.99 at the Walmart in Swift Current, but it was the last one they had. So we were hoping the Moose Jaw Walmart had more.

And they did! There were two left in stock, and sure enough they had also been marked down to $14.99. This is definitely a good time of year to buy end of season stuff.

And, we picked up some groceries and I bought a Levis t-shirt off the clearance rack for $5.00. Nice.

And then we hit the road.

First obstacle was getting around the big city of Regina (pop 241,000) and a construction zone east of the city.

Coming up to the big city of Regina. We waved hi to you as we drove by Ryshia!

Construction zone.

On the outskirts of the eastern side of the city we encountered a construction zone. 60 km/h (36 mph) maximum speed for 12 kilometeres (7.5 miles). Not bad. We're in no rush anyhow. At least the pavement was new!

I love these old wrecking yards. Makes me want to get out and look at all the old vehicles.

Can you guess the name of this town?

Did you guess "Indian Head"? Well you're right!

We stopped at the town of Indian Head for lunch. Boy, was it ever windy. Good thing it was mostly a tail wind because if that was a cross wind we would have stayed right there until it settled down!

Ruth, happy to be making lunch in the motorhome.

Having a Class A motorhome is so convenient. Yes, I realize the benefits and drawbacks of all the different types of RV's, however when you stop your vehicle for lunch and get out of the seat, you're right in your living room and kitchen just like that. Going to the bathroom etc is just so easy compared to pulling a trailer. We sure do love our little motorhome.

After lunch, we decided we had better get some exercise so we wandered around the town of Indian Head (pop 1,800).

Main Street in Indian Head.

Town Hall and Library.

The old grain elevator.

Back on the road for another hour. We were headed for a rest stop just past the town of Broadview where I had read you could dry camp overnight for free. But I also checked out the town of Wolseley on Google maps where I saw that they had a nice little lake right in the middle of town. It looked like the hospital had a big parking lot that overlooked the lake so we headed there.

I went inside and asked if it was okay if we could overnight at the far corner of their lot. There were two nurses on duty, but neither one of them wanted to make the corporate decision to say "sure, why not?" But they said to have a seat and they would make some phone calls. Eventually, a guy came out and apologized and turned us down, saying that too many people would ask questions. I admit, it was a bit of a prominent spot, but was kind of pretty overlooking the lake. No worries.

We went for a walk around town. They have a "swinging bridge" over the lake. It really is a pretty spot.

Kevin, on the swinging bridge.

The Wolseley swinging bridge was originally constructed in 1902 to provide pedestrian access to downtown. Over the years, the structure has been completely replaced twice. The present bridge was constructed in 2004.

The Wolseley swinging bridge.

Wolseley town hall.

Wolseley is a nice little town.

We carried on to a free overnight spot that I had found on the Ultimate Campgrounds website. I love this resource! 

Sherman, boondocking at GPS 50.377230, -102.533109

Nice little spot. Basically, a roadside rest stop, but specifically advertising on the sign that you can camp. Two outhouses, and picnic tables and firepits for three or four sites. Sherman found a nice level spot, and there we were for the night.

Only two drawbacks. Far too close to the main highway for our liking. And too close to a railway track. Fortunately, we only heard one train go by in the night, blowing it's horn loudly. But otherwise, it was fine. And free. One other minivan, and a rental Uhaul truck also spent the night.

Yesterday's drive, 224 kms (139 miles).

Today, we cross the border into the province of Manitoba. Sunny blue sky again, and not nearly as windy. Should be a beautiful day!

On today's Deal of the Day at Amazon, the American Red Cross Emergency Weather Radio...


  1. Parked up like that for the night is exactly what RVs are meant to do! Safe travels...
    Cheers, Peter.

  2. Ruth you look radiant, being in travel mode sure looks good on you! Say hi to Sherman for us, we were so happy to meet him and spend an afternoon with him. Cheers

    1. Thank you Shelagh! We love being back in Sherman and on the road. :-)

  3. Wow, Indian Head sure is a busy place! Not. Was there even anyone around? Someone must own those vehicles, so I'm guessing 'yes'. One of the many things we enjoyed about having a motorhome was the accessibility to our "amenities". Bathroom breaks...well, you know what I mean.

    1. Accessibility to amenities, reminds me of a conversation my wife had a few years ago with a couple who travelled with a 5th wheel. She told them she likes to be able to take a bathroom break when ever she wanted. The husband of the couple replied that they do also, they wear "depends".

    2. It was a Sunday in town so the shops were all closed up so really no need for anyone to be be in the "downtown" area. Not sure if you ever watched it or not but the program "Little Mosque on the Prairie" had some scenes that were filmed in Indian Head.

      Yes, having a motorhome is a blessing for that! Peter, all I can say to your comment is "ewwww"

  4. The secret to free overnight parking in hospital parking lots? Stick a big red cross removable decal on the side of the RV and do NOT ask permission lol

    1. Dugg, LOL, I just love the Red Cross idea! I think I will get some smaller red crosses for my truck to use when I visit someone in our hospitals; during visiting hours there are no parking places left but reserved spaces.


    2. Hmmm...may have to remember that one, lol!

  5. Very nice spot for overnight. We got on the road today also.

    1. It was except for the fact that it was too close to the highway and the railroad tracks. Not a great sleep but it was free.

  6. Gosh, that Indian head is immense next to Sherman. People in Texas brag that everything is bigger in Texas!! Then, they have not been to Moose Jaw or Indian Head.


    1. Not as big as Mac the moose was the other day in Moose Jaw!

  7. Replies
    1. Indian Head was a nice little town but we have to say that we liked the next town of Wolsely even more. Wolsely is known as "The town around the lake", very picturesque!

  8. I do they still have the round barn in Indian Head?

    1. Yes, they do but we missed it unfortunately. By the time we were actually in Indian Head itself we had gone by it and we don't like to backtrack so it will have to wait for another trip by before we can go and see it.


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