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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Some info about the RV Park here

We're enjoying our time here at Villa Corona's Chimulco RV and Water Park. This is the third time we've stayed here over the years.

But, we're into our last full day here and we head out tomorrow morning with the RV caravan group. So I thought I'd tell you a little about the place before we leave!

There are about 65 sites here. The park was designed back in the 80's, and so most sites are a little short...most suitable for a 30' RV...however, some much larger units manage to squeeze in and fit. Just barely, and perhaps with a little overhang, but they fit!

The rate card.

So, Sherman would come in at 270 pesos ($21.00 CAD) per night, or 1,620 pesos ($126.00 CAD) per week. 

Not bad, when you consider that includes full hookups with good water, and strong electricity. And, it also includes full use of the water park and pools during your time here.

Regarding the electrical, there is a double outlet, standard household plug at each site. But there is no standard 15 amp breaker protecting that outlet. It seems that each row is protected by a 70 amp breaker, so in theory, you can use more than 15 amps of power at your particular site. We have tested that, and gave Sherman's air conditioner a 10 minute run. Ha...we never use Sherman's a/c, so we like to run it every six months just to see if it's still working! Yep, works great! Plus, we tried our electric heater and the kettle at the same time. No problems.

You'll see above that they also have monthly rates, but they have longer stay rates as well. In fact, you can even lease a site, fix it up the way you want, and leave your RV here year round. For the full year, which includes a five month stay, and seven months storage costs 33,000 pesos ($2,575 CAD), Again, this includes your waterpark access, and internet.

Located about an hour from downtown Guadalajara, and about the same distance from Guadalajara airport.

Located at GPS 20.412322, -103.671208

We're not the type to stay in one place for more than a week or two, but for people looking for a longer term spot, this would be a pretty good choice. 

Oh, and they have a masseuse who usually comes in for the weekend. Yesterday, we arranged for her to come in for our group, and eight people took advantage of the service!

Including me!!

I got a 20 minute back and neck massage for 100 pesos ($7.80 CAD). Great deal huh? Others took advantage of the whole deal, which was 40 minutes for 250 pesos ($19.50 CAD).

We also had a gal come in and do pedicures for the group. 100 pesos ($7.80 CAD) per person. Not bad, considering she took about an hour on each person. 

Debbie, getting her toes done!

It was a good day!

I went in to the city with three others. We went to Walmart and stocked up on some things because we don't expect to be at another larger store for a while. 

Deal of the day? I like either Pacifico or Victoria beer, but Carta Blanca comes in a strong third place. A six pack is normally 60 pesos, but Walmart had it on sale, two for 99 pesos! What a deal...I bought four of 24 beers for 198 pesos ($15.50 CAD). I love Mexico!

I can't bring myself to wear Crocs. I know, they're super comfy etc...but I simply think they're ugly. If you can get yourself past that, then today's the day you want to buy them!

Not often that a truely great deal comes out of in Canada... but the hardcover Guiness Book of World Records is on sale...a great coffee table book.


  1. Replies
    1. It certainly has been but today we are on the move again!

  2. Great deal on the massages, pedicures and the beer. There is a cheap beer here in BC called Caribou but no where near as cheap as that.

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    1. It doesn't happen very often for us so it was really nice to take that time and enjoy it!


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