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Monday, February 29, 2016

February Expenses

Well, it was a pretty cheap month...but you have to put it into context. Our expenses were a little skewed to the downside for the month because we were with the RV caravan group from February 5th on.

We spent a total of $904 CAD for the month. (Our American readers can subtract about 25% from these numbers for U.S. dollar equivalent).

Gasoline: We spent $80.00 on fuel this month. For anybody who has been following our travels, it seems like we have been to a lot of places this month, but it's actually been very little driving. I think we have done a total of 720 kms (450 miles). Of course the fuel tank is a little more empty now than it was at the beginning of the month despite having put in $80.00 worth of gas.

720 kms (450 miles) driven during the month of February.

Propane: We filled up the propane tank with $40 worth at the beginning of the month. And because we ate out so much, and have been plugged into electric almost the entire time...we have hardly used any propane. The tank is still almost full!

Toll road fees: We hardly ever do toll highways in Mexico because they are so expensive and we like to stay on the secondary roads where you see more of the countryside. But being with the caravan group there are certain toll roads that just make more sense. And our pay package has us shelling out for our own toll highway fees. We spent $71.60 on toll roads. But then, Sherman did enjoy being able to use his cruise control for a change!

Groceries: One of our lowest months ever, at $197 CAD. Partly because we got to take advantage of several group meals out that were included in the caravan package, and partly because we did quite a lot of eating out on our own as well.

Alcohol: Much better than January, at $169 CAD. Plus, we're going into the month of March with a fairly good supply in the booze cabinet.

Miscellaneous: One of our lowest months ever, at $81 CAD. This is always the wildcard category where it seems to add up quickly, but this month everything came together and we didn't have that many miscellaneous expenses. That will change for March, number one because I have some dentist appointments coming up!

Entertainment: Yep, we ate out a fair bit. Add it all up, and it came to $196 for the month. Now, that included eight meals out for the two of us, as well as ice creams and admission fees. Considering all we did, this is not bad at all.

Overnight: We had to pay for our three nights at the beginning of the month. The rest of our campground fees were covered by the caravan company. Total for the month, $68.

Motorhome: Zero. Once again, Sherman was a good boy and didn't cost us any unexpected money during the month. 

So, there you have it. A pretty cheap month. March will be quite a bit different as we head north to Southern California during the course of the month. 


  1. Got a chuckle. You mentioned alcohol line item was "better". Would've thought more would have been better!

    1. Ha ha, true but maybe not so much better for our bodies! ;-)

  2. New to your blog and to full-time rving. Looks like you're having a blast! Wouldn't have thought to go 'south of the border' with a rig! Please define your CAD acronym? Haven't come across it before, and we are learning as we go. Safe travels and thanks!

    1. Hi Sharon. CAD (Canadian dollars) and USD (U.S. dollars).

  3. You guys had a great thrifty month! I guess you will still benefit from low gas prices as you head back to Canada for your Spring gig but everything else is higher. Right now celery (2.99/lb)is more expensive than roma tomatoes (.99 cents per lb) or asparagues (2.49/lb as it is an in season special) if you can believe it.

    1. We had a good month mostly because of leading the caravan so many of our expenses were included in our pay package.

      Yes, we will be able to enjoy those gas prices even with the exchange rate.

      Definitely not looking forward to the food prices back home, especially after all these nice cheap fruits and veggies here in Mexico. We will have sticker shock for sure!


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