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Saturday, February 13, 2016

What a day! (part 2)

This is the second post of the day. You can read part one here...

We had such a busy day and did so much stuff, and had so much fun yesterday that we figured it was better to break it into two blog posts.

So when we left you earlier, we had been looking for a barber for John.

I saw a very faded sign painted over a rough old door. It said "Peluqueria", or barber shop. The door was ajar, so I opened it a little further and peeked inside. There was a guy sitting in the barber chair looking half asleep, but reading a paper.

We walked inside and he jumped up, ready to go to work! He got John seated in the chair and we asked how much for a men's haircut.

"40 pesos" he said, as he got the scissors ready to cut. That's about $3.20 CAD.

And cut he did! Holy cow, the most intense haircut session we've ever seen. Those scissors went crazy!

Hs hands were moving so fast I couldn't freeze them in a picture. 

C'mon John. It's a haircut, not a massage!

After a half hour of this, the look on John's face says "Is it going to be over soon?"

The finished product!

It was so funny. I've never seen anyone be so fussy with a men's haircut. The entire procedure took over a half an hour. He even had the straight razor out cleaning the hairline on the neck. What a job, for $4, tip included!

For that price, I should have sat in the chair myself, but it was lunch time and we were getting hungry.

We found a little "comida casera" (home cooking) place and had enchiladas and gorditas. There were five of us eating, and we all walked out of there full. We were trying to figure out the bill so that we could each pay our own share when John realized that the total bill for all five of us was only 188 pesos ($15.00 CAD). He handed her a 200 peso note, and that was that!

We went back to the RV park and had a very short time to get caught up on some internet stuff, and then a big bus arrived to take all 19 of us for dinner. We were going to the private residence of artist, musician, and professional chef Jacobito Dominguez.

Not only is Jacobito an artist, musician, and professional chef, but he is also a Guinness World Record holder!

After a 30 minute bus ride, we arrived at his house. We were seated in an outdoor plaza in his property. Joining our group were our RV park host Arturo, and the Director of Tourism from Cuitzeo, and her husband.

Dinner is ready! There was also a bistek barbacoa con nopal dish. Beef with nopal cactus.

Jacobito serenaded everybody while we ate.

Beatrice (the Director of Tourism), Jacobito, Beatrice's husband, and Arturo.

He holds the world record for the largest serving of guacamole!

After dinner, we wandered his art gallery and he played some music on a big square drum. Some of our group joined in on the same drum! Turn your sound up...

His art if very fanciful, different stuff. But quite a few of us bought small pieces that fit in our motorhomes.

What a fun filled day we had with this RV caravan group. Lots of laughs and totally enjoyable times!

We have now arrived in Patzcuaro. We'll tell you that story tomorrow morning!

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  1. Wow! A seriously multi talented person. And that is a LOT of guacamole!

    1. Very multi talented! He actually won three different Guinness World Records, two for food and the other for one of his art sculptures.

  2. Do they have any train systems in Mexico?, other than the tourist train to the canyon (?) forgot the name. I can't recall ever seeing anyone write about passenger trains in Mexico.

    1. They do have other trains in Mexico but none that are passenger trains other than “El Chepe” in the Copper Canyon. There is talk of putting in one from Mexico City to Querétaro but there have been a few issues within the government on that, so who knows if and when it will happen!

    2. Not quite true, there is the Tequila train from Guadalajara to the Herradura Tequila factory just east of Tequila, but that is not a real passenger trian, it a tourist excursion.

    3. Yes, you are right Paul, I had totally forgotten about that one!

  3. the tv show Amazing Race is starting in Mexico they said that Mexico has the most museum of any country in the world...I did not know that
    Looks like you are having a ball

    1. When we get good internet we will have to download it! We love amazing race. :-)

      We are having a wonderful time, better than we thought we would.

    2. Me too, I had not realized it ahd started. I have a US VPN so I can get access to it from down here


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