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Sunday, January 24, 2016

A little tour of where we're staying. And a dinner invite!

The first time we arrived in San Miguel with the motorhome, there was a hotel and RV park right on the outskirts of town. A year later, that property had been sold and shut down with big plans for development, but it now sits as just an empty lot. There is also a trailer park right in town at the tennis courts, but it's for rigs under 26 ft and even then it's fairly crowded.

The only other trailer park option is the San Ramon Hotel and RV park about 5 kms (3 miles) outside of the town, and that's where we are now.

They have full hook up sites here. When we first arrived, we simply pulled in near where friends Paula and Jerry were parked, and we assumed they only had room for 7 rigs.

Sherman has a big front patio!

But upon exploring, there is a section up in the back with another 10 full hookup sites.

Swimming pool area.

Nice bathrooms.

And showers. Lots of hot water.

Nice place to stay. The drawbacks of course are that you're not walking distance to town (unless you're Kevin and Ruth) and it is a little bit pricier.

Full hook up site for two people is 270 pesos ($21.75 CAD) per night, but it gets quite a bit cheaper if you're single. And of course discounts for longer stays. And extra charges for other things.


It's exactly 4.5 kms (2.8 miles)  and a 50 minutes fast paced walk to the center of town. We know that because we did it. But there's also a local bus that you can flag down on the front highway that will cost you all of 5 pesos (40 cents CAD). Or the same price from downtown to here. Easy.

And that's exactly what we did later in the day. We had relaxed for the afternoon and then around 4:15pm we walked in to town. The highway out front is busy, but there is a lot of room beside the highway, and a well worn walking path.

We were meeting blog readers Trish and John who had spotted us in town the other day and were kind enough to send a note inviting us for dinner. Ruth made brownies in the afternoon, and we brought them for dessert.

The central plaza in San Miguel de Allende.

We met them at 5:30pm in the central plaza and walked back to their little AirBnb rental. Cute little place, and all you need. Had a nice dinner and lots of conversation. Trish is originally from South Africa, and John from the UK, but they now live in Michigan and are American citizens. So we had lots of travel and international things to talk about and I think we solved a few of the word's problems in the process. Fun evening, and we might see them again on Tuesday.

Kevin, Ruth, Trish, and John.

Remember Barney the puppy from yesterday? He arrived at Valle de Juarez yesterday and Paula and Jerry went over to see the old trailer park there where our dog Whiskey is buried. Whiskey had died in Mexico, and we buried her there and planted a small bottle brush tree. Paula took a picture for us!

Barney, visiting with Whiskey! The tree is doing so well!

Back in October of 2011. Ruth, with the freshly planted tree that marks Whiskey's burial spot.

Neat little toy for the golfer in the family. Never been this cheap!

And in Canada, a great deal on solar powered security lighting...


  1. GPS running watches that easily track hiking distance are now similarly priced. I like how that RV park gives a discount for singles---a real rarity these days!

    1. We have stayed at a few places over the years here where they charge by the person. It would make sense seeing that a single person would normally use less resources than a couple.

  2. Looks like you have a nice RV park to camp at. What a nice memorial tree you planted in honor of your little traveling companion Whiskey.

    1. Yes, it is a nice park but a little pricey especially when you compare it to the nice one that we stayed at in Queretaro, having said that the one in Queretaro wasn't a full hook up one. I do wish that we had parked in the back field though as we get quite a bit of traffic noise and I think it would have been a little more blocked back there.

      We can't wait to see the tree for ourselves at the end of February beginning of March.

  3. Most places here would call that campground a "resort" :) I would definitely take the bus one way at least.

    1. Yes, you are probably right, some places in the U.S. and Canada are a little liberal with the word "resort". I guess they figure if it has a pool then they must be a resort! ;-)

      The bus was great and it doesn't take long to get into or out of town in it. And, of course well worth the price.

  4. Nice RV park. The shower looks so nice with the tile.

    What a great idea to plant a tree in Whiskey's honor. I love bottle brush trees. They are beautiful in bloom.

    1. The bathrooms look nice and are clean but still a little on the rustic side which doesn't bother us in the least.

      We are looking forward to seeing the tree ourselves at the end of next month and being able to say hi to her. We never made it there last winter.


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