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Sunday, January 3, 2016

What's the strangest thing *you* saw yesterday?

We took a little day trip to Avandaro yesterday. There is a park near there and the Velo de Novia (Bride's Veil) waterfall. We had done this trip 4 years ago, but it was at the end of February and there wasn't as much water as there is now, so we wanted to see it again.

Plus, being a Saturday in the middle of the holidays, there would be a lot more people and sometimes that makes for a better atmosphere in itself.

Again, we had to take two to Valle de Bravo, and another from there to Avandaro. And then a 20 minute walk to get to the park.

Ruth, at the beginning of the trail.

It doesn't cost anything to get into the park, and it's just a short walk to get to the falls. As expected, it was much busier than the last time we came. All kinds of people out enjoying the day.

Yep, there's definitely more water than the last time we were here.

Oh, here's a link to the blog post from February 28, can see the difference in the water...

See the people at the bottom?

Yikes...they looked like they were frozen. I see no pleasure in that at all!

Lots of people.

The Mexicans love to have a picnic!

We knew from last time we were here that there was a trail leading down to the lake, so we did the 1.5 kms (1 mile) or so hike each way just to get some exercise.

In the little cove at the bottom, someone has built a floating restaurant/bar for the boaters. Popular spot!

So we walked back up the same route and when we got through the picnic area, Ruth spotted something very odd. One of those things that makes you shut your eyes and re-open them figuring that you didn't really see that you saw!

Okay. What's the strangest thing you saw yesterday??

Who brings their pet iguana to a picnic? Apparently these people do. We even saw them feeding it.

Too strange.

By the time we got back to the entrance, we also needed some food. We hadn't brought anything except a couple of cookies and by now it was after 2:00pm so we were starved. There were some tourist restaurants there, but they normally aren't much more expensive than anywhere else. The place we chose was advertising enchilladas...exactly what we were looking for!


Chicken enchilladas. Including our drinks and the tip... 127 pesos ($10.50 CAD) for the two of us.

We decided to walk back part of the way and then flag a taxi when we got tired enough. Avandaro is an upper class neighborhood. I should have taken some pics of some of the homes. Most are behind high gates and not easy to see the house itself, but it's an expensive area.

This one had a gate open, and I could see part of their magnificent view looking back at Valle de Bravo.

Finally flagged a taxi back to town, then walked to the big Chedraui grocery store to do some shopping. Picked up everything we need for a week, except for our fruits and veggies which we'll get at the Sunday mrket today. Then a taxi back home. It was a good day!

A fantastic deal on a battery powered camping or emergency LED lantern. When collapsed, it's only about the size of a can of Coke...

And in Canada, a great deal on a top quality men's electric shaver...


  1. Here in Cocoa Florida there is a very small restaurant grocery store combined they have beef stew on their menu it,s almost like if you take a whole potato large carrots cabbage And half the corn on the cob and some large pieces of meat and a very large bowl with rice scallion line and tortilla bread on the side here it cost $8.50 for that item I was curious if they have the same thing in your travels there, I have never seen. Beef or chicken stew on a Mexican restaurant other then Mondo
    Just curious

    1. The only ones that we have seen or had have been Menudo or Pancita as they call it here, Pazole or Hominy which is made with chicken and then Birria which is normally made with goat meat but is sometimes made with beef and is very popular in Jalisco and is similar to beef stew but the ones we have had don't normally have a lot of vegetables in it. Actually I think it is cooked with carrots, onions and potatoes but they take them out and serve them on the side. Sounds similar to what you saw in Florida. There is also a seafood soup that has lots of different things in it, including a whole fish that normally lies across the top of the bowl when served to you.

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  2. Love the water fall, but a bit busy

    1. We've been twice now, once when it wasn't busy and once when it was and both are unique. Most of the people are near the waterfall the rest of the trail was quite quiet. We were hoping to take both you and Tony here. :-(

  3. That iguana has to rank up there in the strange category. Nothing strange in Port A ... and even if there was, with the steady rain falling all day we would have missed it.

    1. Yep, I think it was one of the strangest things we have ever seen hiking! Hope the rain stops soon and that the sun can shine. Texas has sure had a lot of rain this past year.

  4. Looks like a vert busy day at the park. Love the Iguana.

    1. Yes it was, and we didn't mind because it is fun to watch the families and all the activity. They really enjoy their outings.

  5. Cute Iguana, looks like they're even dressing him up.
    Love Mexico, hoping to get back there this summer for my once yearly visit (my mom is in San Miguel).
    Frank (bbqboy)

    1. They have a coat on him because it is cooler at this altitude and they are in the shade, iguanas don't like to be cold.

      Mexico is like our second home, we love it here. We have been to San Miguel twice and although it is a very pretty colonial town with some beautiful architecture and history, we really have no desire to return, it just isn't our kind of Mexico.

    2. Totally agree on San Miguel. Much prefer Guanajuato.

  6. Wow, today we had enchiladas too! Two plates, two hot chocolates, 105 pesos. Gotta love Mexico!

    1. We love enchiladas and hot chocolate! Sounds like you got a slightly better price than us though! ;-)

  7. Whatever strange thing I saw yesterday wouldn't compare to an iguana wearing a jacket!!

    1. I am pretty sure there aren't many stranger sights than that. I am thinking that the jacket was to keep him/her warm as it was in the shade and at a slightly higher elevation, iguanas don't like to be cold. ;-)


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