At the temple ruins in Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Khao Yai National Park, Thailand on December 13th.

Monday, August 3, 2015

We survived!

Well, we made it through the busy August long weekend here in Canada. The campground was sold out, and had been booked that way since the end of June. Today is the holiday Monday and so a lot of people will be leaving throughout the day.

Fortunately, we had great weather and it sure looks like everybody enjoyed their time despite things being a little bit crowded.

We always suffer from a lack of parking when it's this busy. Especially in the boat launch area!

No people, because they're all out on the water!

Boat trailers everywhere.

People enjoying the day.

This week is actually still pretty booked during the week, although there are a few empty spots. And next weekend is looking the same, then things will quiet down until Labor Day long weekend. It won't be sold out though and even with great weather at the time it won't be that busy.


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  1. Glad that you made it through unscathed.
    Pretty full here to, but like you said emptying out today.

    1. We are definitely happy to have that weekend behind us now. Only one more long weekend to go and it shouldn't be too bad. We are certainly on the downhill run now.

  2. The weather does look beautiful. Glad all went well.

    1. Sunday was an absolutely prefect day, especially for the boaters!

  3. Oh gosh I love your header photo today! I knew it was Montana before I saw the caption. My heart just skips a beat when I see Montana photos. It my birthplace and it's where my heart is always at peace. Hooray for Big Sky country!
    Glad your busy weekend went well & hopefully everyone behaved. I have no patience for rowdy people anymore.

    1. Thanks Lori! Montana is a state that we would love to explore more of but the best time is in the summer and unfortunately that is when we have to work. :-( We will do it one day though!

      We don't have much patience for rowdy people either, guess the old age thing is starting to hit us, lol.


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