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Monday, August 17, 2015

Busy season is over

We knew from last year that this park is really only busy from the end of June until the middle of August, and sure enough that's what happened again this year. Of course we still have some trailers in the daily rental sites, but not very many. And most of the seasonal campers still have their trailers here, but there are sure not many people around. The place is nice and quiet for a change.

And not many reservations on the books either.

In fact, our next reservation doesn't show until the 29th. And then the weekend after that is Labor Day long weekend, and we'll be relatively busy that weekend but it will be very weather dependent.

So now we can get some stuff done around the park. When it's busy, I have a hard time getting anything done because I'm constantly being called back to the office for a variety of reasons.

I started working on the motorhome roof yesterday afternoon. I removed the vent covers and the A/C shroud and cleaned them up and cleaned the screens in the vents as well. Then I dug out some of the old caulking. That's going to be a bit of a job. I'm probably being too fussy, but I want to do it once, and do it right. Once that's done, I can do the new caulking. The cleaning out of the old stuff is going to take a few hours, but putting the new stuff on will be fairly quick and then it can cure for a week or so before I do the coating.

Spoke to our daughter yesterday. Some of you will remember that they packed up and quit their jobs in Nova Scotia and moved to the Ottawa area in June for a fresh start. They're staying with Ruth's father and had been hoping to be in their own place by the beginning of September, but that's not coming together.

They did both get jobs fairly quickly though. Lindsey's husband Justin is a construction guy and had no problem finding a good job in his field and he's very happy with the company he's now working for. Lindsey got a job at a fancy hotel restaurant, and although she's not thrilled with it, it's getting her out of the house. Cameron and Sadie are doing fine. We miss our grandkids, but we'll see them for a couple of days at the beginning of October. Lindsey regularly send us pictures though!

Cameron, Justin, Lindsey, and Sadie making funny faces for the camera!

Cameron, helping Sadie to the stairs.

At my sister's place, with her dog Kiera.

Cameron, watching the world go by.

They haven't been able to find a house yet though. They're looking to buy, but they're looking for a fixer upper since that is Justin's line of work. And then they got a bit of a setback when they found out that their mortgage approval is only valid after they've been at their new jobs for three months. Oh well...things will come together for them.


The Amazon Fire HD6 tablet is on sale, today only....$69 is pretty cheap!

And in Canada, luggage and carry on bags...today only!


  1. Paul is very fussy when he does a job. Like you, he doesn't want to do it over and over again.

    Oh what a wonderful family photo that first one is. Wait about 40 years and they will be saying...What the heck was going through our minds when we took that photo? lol

    1. Yep, Kevin is the same!

      Knowing Lindsey, she would stage the same crazy photo in 40 years time! She really cracks us up. :-)

  2. I'm envious that your busy season is over. We've been busier this summer than ever before. Still fully booked this coming weekend and Labor Day weekend. After that the reservations have greatly fallen off. As you said, September is very weather dependent. Is it wrong to hope for a few rainy weekends in September :)

    1. We have to admit it is really nice that it has finally slowed down here. Many of our campers and seasonals are farmers and this year the harvest season has started early and that is what many of them are doing now. Because the harvest is early this year we may have a very busy Labour Day weekend because they may all be finished by then but I am sure it will depend on what the weather will be like.

      No, it's not wrong to hope for a few rainy days! ;-)

  3. Nice that things are slowing down a bit.
    I like to do a good job once rather that a quick temporary fix, pays off in the long run.

    1. Yes, it is nice to have a little breather for the moment. Still lots to be done around here though.

  4. I like that shot of Cameron watching the world go by.

  5. Time will pass very quickly for the kids and soon you'll be showing us a picture of their new house. It's hard sharing a house sometimes but they need to hang in there. It will all come together. They are hard workers and all this will come together. Good people.

    1. Yes, it will pass quickly enough for them. We know they are really looking forward to getting a place of their very own but Lindsey will be happy to all this behind her, it is starting to get old quick! House hunting is not a fun task!

  6. My sister has a place in Gatineau for sale! I'll be there for her wedding in 2 weeks - first family road trip (from Winnipeg).

    1. Have a great time on your family road trip Janis. Not sure how long you will be there but maybe you will see some of the beautiful fall colours in the Gatineau hills. I should be a perfect time for a visit.


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